Monday, October 1, 2012

10/1 - Kindergarten, Office Hours, MAP data

Started the day at Edgar Road Office

At 9:30 went to central office for a full day/half day kindergarten discussion.  Agenda included:

  • What does a full day or half day kindergarten's teacher look like?
  • What "programs" are they expected to "teach"?
  • What experiences are all kids having regardless of full or half day?
  • Where is the opportunity to find space for items like play, community building, classroom spaces, science , and social studies?

Back to Edgar Road:
  • Stopped by a kindergarten class to watch them using shaving cream to teach letter writing.  So awesome and so messy!
  • Read about a researched "Genius Hour" as an alternative for 20% time.
  • Created a template for the creation of vertical teams in Science and Social Studies
  • Created Elementary School MAP data report for: 
Process for Curating MAP data
  • Created Excel file for School
  • Copied Data for school from Content_standard_Details
  • Calculated averages for district pasted on Data Summary
  • Opened MAP IEP Race Etc file
  • Calculated averages posted on Data Summary
  • Determine numbers of students in each area and subset 
  • Copied MAP IEP RACE ETC copied and pasted School data
  • Convert formulaic text to numbers
  • Calculate averages for school
  • Conditional Format Content Strands
  • Determined School's performance relative to average
  • Conditional format %Earned
  • Copied District Data Over
  • Copied School Data Over
  • Sorted by %Earned, Determined characteristics of goals of top 20 and bottom 20 objectives
  • Pasted to Data Summary

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