Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11 CCSS, Office minute, Bristol MAP data

Started the day with a 7:30 meeting with the ELA coordinator.  Agenda included:

  • a review of assessment work
  • discussion of activities and projects currently happening in 6-8
  • discussion on CCSS and ELA's role in Science and SS
  • Reviewed 6-8 bands of CCSS

  • Developed a plan to integrate reading and writing into the Science and Social Studies curriculum
  • Also discussed the role of A.E. and Discovery time at two schools and where reading and writing can find logical places
  • wrapped up discussion on grading.  What things would teachers feel a need to teach, give feedback on, assessment and grade.  Also giving credit to things that are essential, should be taught but maybe wouldn't have to be assessed.
Went to the office for a few hours to:
  • Respond to e-mails
  • update and finish Who teaches what and when
  • Stopped by a teacher's classroom to discuss flipteaching and what he needs to get started
  • I discovered an awesome resource for writing prompts:
  • Organized Bristol MAP data
  • ate lunch for the first time this week....
  • Wrote Blog post for "overcoming apathy"
Met with 5th grade at Bristol to go over stengths/challenges for Science MAP data.  Agenda included:
  • Content data 
  • Proces data
  • Math data first
  • ELA
  • SCIENCE! :-)

Went home and finsished watching Leadership 2.0.  Joined this great online community for leaders and learners:

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