Monday, October 8, 2012

10/8 - Office Hours, Meetings

Started day trying to finalize the World studies meeting tomorrow.  Here is the agenda:

Met with Bill to discuss the district CnI server.  It is ready for all staff and can be access here:

Met with Sangari Global Ed:

  • Discussed portal: log in as guest

  • Discussed Parent/Student portion:
    • Password: iqwststudent (all lower case)

      1. Click the "Login as a Guest"
      2. Enter the password
      3. Each of the units are available by clicking the lab manual image
      4. The lessons are available by clicking the lesson number under the Table of Contents.

Met with PW to discuss collaborative web space and the role in PDC.  More found here:

Other items on the to do list are:

  • Matched 5th grade MAP data to team (this took forever!)
  • Analyzed GLE, NCSS, NCHE, etc. for cross over
  • Found resources for Simple Machines

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