Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10/10 Revenue, Office Hours

Started the day at Central office for a 7am Revenue Committee meeting, agenda included:

  • Presentation of video from 1999 (last operating budget prop)
  • discussion of budgetary items
  • broke into subcommittees
  • Communication team discussed plan and timeline
  • need to communicate "points of pride"
  • discussion to build a "slow boil" about facets of success and needs moving forward
  • next meeting slotted for December

After the meeting, went back to the office
  • Watched this video

The Global One-Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown (Highlights from his "Entrepreneurial Learner" Keynote at DML2012) from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

  • Answered e-mails
  • Cleaned up and posted to Cni server:
    • Australia and Oceania Summative Assessment
    • Australia and Oceania Proficiency scales
    • Australia and Oceania Essential and specific learning goals, see below:

  • Finalized East Asia Topic Discussion

  • Cleaned up and posted to CnI Server
    • Organized South Africa Resources
    • Finalized South Africa Assessment
    • Finalized South Africa Proficiency scales
    • Created Learning goal posters for South Africa and Australia and Oceania
Opened a myraid of e-mails to figure out who teaches Science or Social studies and when....

emailed about rock cycles for 6th grade and how to have the CNI server "show up" under my computer

Wrapped up the day with a great conversation with peter about Flipping a portion of his 4th grade classroom.  Exciting!

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