Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10/28 5th Grade Science Facilitators

Today worked with 5th grade science facilitators using this agenda

We authored assessments, activities and clarified content in 3 of our new units for next year.

Also had a phone conversation with Robin Rath from Pixel Press. We hope to develop a relationship with Pixel Press and The Garage at Hudson.

After school I worked with teachers on:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/26 Clark, Gateway to Change, Steger, Enteam, Steger

Started the morning meeting with a 4th grade teacher at Clark about the new curriculum and steps/resources available to support them.

Attended the #Gateway2Change conference for a couple hours.  See resources below:

Met with Assistant Principal of Steger to discuss Social Studies curriculum, direction and focus.  We also discussed Science and it's progress toward it's mission.  We wrapped up with discussion of iObservation.

Met with the team at EnTeam to discuss connections and collaborations for students and teachers.

Watch this:

Attended the World Studies Department meeting after school.

Monday, October 26, 2015

10/16 ERS

Alright, I know I've been slacking at this, but I made it a point to get back to doing this regularly.  Not for anyone else but just for me...

Here we go...

Started the day editing the ER Student tracker document

Went through emails.

Welcomed students and staff and walked around building

Played Hockey with 3rd grade.

Met with building principal to discuss:
  • Chris' goals review/revise
  • CSIP progress
    • Time to start the teams?
    • Chris: R/R, Tech
  • ER Student Tracker
    • Ready to send?
  • Progress report
    • What's up?
    • How does Chris help w/o getting in the way?
  • SLO
    • What's up?
    • How does Chris help w/o getting in the way?
  • Evaluation Grid
    • What's the next step?
  • What's coming up?

Supervised 5th grade recess and lunch

Fixed a teacher laptop

Set up CSIP meeting for Technology and R&R

Worked with a student having a rough day

Started reading the Remaking Learning Playbook

Facilitated dismissal.