Friday, November 21, 2014

11/21 WGHS, ERS

Started the day at the Coordinator meeting where we discussed:

  • Board retreat
  • books
  • bookshelves
  • Cabinets and organization
  • Tax Levy and Bond
  • Venture Cafe and more

Headed over to ERS to write yesterday's blog post :-)

Clean out emails

Do math with a 3rd grader

Remade the Safety and security form for next week: 

Worked on the "Culture of Yes!"

Drafted Letter of Recommendation for teacher

11/20 WGHS, DLT, VPP

Started the day meeting with 5th grade Science facilitators.  We discussed the agenda:

They completed:

I also facilitated a conversation at Central Office DLT meeting around "Moonshot Thinking"

I headed back over to the Science facilitators to check in and provide guidance

I then met with the district director of Technology and a staff member at Avery to discuss the Volume Purchasing Program.  I alter repeated that same meeting with the district's director of instructional technology.

I then met with the MYSCI staff and the 5th grade team to discuss the units they are piloting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/18 ERS, SS Vertical Team 2

Started the day COLD!  Welcoming students into the school.

Set up for the Aides Meeting with the following agenda:
Minutes found here.

Met with Kindergarten student about behavior in the classroom.

Printed resources for SS vertical Team

Wrote this blog post:

Made Wednesday folder checklist...

Worked on Cross referencing the NGSS with the GLEs
High School
Middle School
Elementary School

Headed over to set up for Social Studies Vertical Team. Minutes taken here.

11/17 Steger Computer School, My Sci

Spent the day in and around classrooms with the Steger/Computer school staff.

Only a few "Official" meetings when teachers signed up here.

After school I went over to WGHS to prepare for the My Sci training and workshop.

Monday, November 17, 2014

11/14 Lutheran South, CO, SSLC

Started the morning with a presentation for 45minutes on flip teaching at Lutheran South.

After had a meeting at Central Office to discuss a communications matrix.

Delivered materials over to WGHS for meetings and shipped Makey Makeys over to Clark.

Headed down to Academy of Science for the St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium.  Where 8th grade shared their unique was of giving students power and ownership of their learning.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

11/13 Central Office, ERS

Started the day at central office for the yearly staffing meeting.  I met with the building principal, director of H.R. and the Superintendent.

Met with the director of human resources about talentED and the hiring process when a job is posted.

Headed over to Edgar Road to:
1.  Meet with building principal
2.  worked on Science sites for 6th grade and started on 7th grade.

Met with Mentor to tour the school, discuss leadership and have lunch.

Headed over to Hudson to work on job fair activities and advertising.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12 ERS

Got the message about email storage being full.  Had to figure out how to empty the trash.

Checked out the DOME theatre and the shows they are offering.

Talked to two parents about attendance letters that were sent home.

Watched an episode in "THE DOME."

Talked with the St.Louis Rams Street Team coordinator about EdcampWG.

Met with Assistant Supt to discuss:

  • Subs for Friday
  • My Sci Survey
  • Days of the week to split responsibilities
Met with Kindergarten students about a pencil incident that happened in the dome

Worked with a kiddo on solutions to some problems that were happening in the classroom.

Helped in 4th grade Science

Assisted with dismissal

Sent out Aides meeting agenda

edited MYSCI surveys and sent them out

Called back Cardinals and Kendeo