Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8/26 Edgar Road

Welcomed teachers and students into school.

Completed walkthroughs of 2nd, 1st and kindergarten.

Found a file cabinet.  Worked on trying to find keys for the file cabinet.

Met with librarian about apple adapters for iPads.

Completed work order for keys

Built prototype of professional learning request form

Met with building principal

reviewed teacher webpages, created spreadsheet, emailed teachers that need to add additional information on their website.

Met with teacher about Google Docs.

Facilitated dismissal

Met with Asst. Supt about numerous topics.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8/18 Edgar Road

Welcomed teahcers and students into the school.

Appeared on the announcements

Moved Science kits out of the lounge

worked on SIS issue

worked on wgcloud issue

created walkthrough resource for building principal

created video for Pick up and drop off seen here:

ate lunch with 1st grade

played outside with kindergarten

met with PE teacher

worked on google forms with SSD teacher

Monday, August 17, 2015

8/17 Edgar Road

First Day of School!!!!

Welcomed every teacher in.

Solved Technology problems

Put in tech reqs for issues

Issued Chromebooks to support staff

Installed printers on devices

Met with teacher's aides regarding Moby Max

Sat in on a few classes

Followed up with 1, 3, 5 classes about dismissal routines

Met with SSD to discuss services and case load

Met with math Coordinator about Moby Max

Met with building principal about dismissal

Facilitated dismissal

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Kickoff

Welcome to Summer!

Congrats on a busy and fulfilling year.

We’ve accomplished a TON this year in science and social studies and I’m so happy to be learning alongside you as we implement exciting changes in our new curriculum.  It’s awesome.

Below is important information for completing summer work:

I can’t believe he forgot…
I guarantee I forgot something or misremember something as I’m trying to keep all the moving parts in front of us.  If I did, please just let me know!

What do I do?!?!
So, I’m working on curriculum, what do I do?  I have combed through our resources, postings on the hub and CNI server and created what will be our "TO DO" list.  I have separated each grade level and content area on slides.  Using google slides all you would need to do is go to the slide that fits the grade level and content you are working on.

Video explaining how to do this here:

SLIDES with Summer To Do list Here:

Change is hard!

It’s important when working with your colleagues to not only be supportive of them through this process but also help figure out what their needs are so we can be the MOST responsive as a leadership team.  Look at this graphic:

As an example, if you are overhearing someone in the louge discussing about the frustration they have with the new curriculum.  Ask them about resources, maybe they are missing something they need.  If they don’t understand why we made changes to the social studies curriculum, ask then if they know the vision for our curriculum, etc.  Be responsive, be respectful and don’t just let them and their feelings go unnoticed.

Here’s a resource to support you in leading that conversation
Leading complex change in Science:
Leading complex change in Social Studies:

Who else is working this summer?
Lots of awesome people are coming together to improve Science and Social Studies.  I put together a sort of list here in case you're nosey :-) or would like to come with with a friend/colleague.

Working on creating an assessment?
I've been thinking about assessments a lot lately.  I'd love to chat with you about it.  I'd love for you to challenge my thinking and really move us forward.  I wanted to share some of my thinking as we begin to author first draft of science and social studies assessments.  Check the video out below:

I think that's it for now.....Happy Curriculum-ing.... :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Met with leaders of STEAM professional learning to iron out details for June 2 and 3.

Read this ridiculous article on cell phone bans in schools = student success. (can you tell how I feel about it?)

Prepped for meeting with Asst Supt.

Worked on Summer Task list:

Met with Asst. Supt.

Recorded this video for summer work

Made this assessment introduction

Recorded this video:

Monday, May 18, 2015

5/18 WGHS

Started the day working through emails

Worked on scheduling summer PD locations/events for Social studies and facilitators
6/16 - 324
7/7 - 324
7/8 - Bristol (following summer school)
7/16 - 324
7/20 - 324
7/22 - 324
7/23 - 324
7/24 - 324
8/6 - 324

Sent emails about combining groups...

Met with Webster University Science department about Content Specific Professional Learning for K-12 teachers.

Began list of resources for an assistant.

Worked on creating list of items that would make up our NEW science kits.

Started on Summer facilitator tasks. Seen here:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5/13 ERS

Started the day welcoming students into the school.

Wrote letter to students no longer enrolled.

Worked on Summer calendar for Professional Learning.

Coordinated MySci Pickup

Sent this email:
Hey Team,

I need to coordinate MySci kit pick up.  Please make sure they are in your building’s main office by Monday 5/18.  I will coordinate with the WASHU team to ensure they are picked up that day or shortly thereafter.

Thanks for piloting!  Please make sure that your feedback has been noted on the google form.  If you have been keeping your own form of feedback, please copy and paste your notes in the appropriate form below:

If you’d like to expand our pilot next year, please make sure you reach out to me ASAP.

Met about Retreat at CIC @4240

Walked around, sat in classrooms, played at recess

Worked on 21st century Technology workshop