Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/23 Maryville U, Avery, CO, Webster U, CECH

Started the day meeting with Maryville University professor.  We discussed professional learning, innovation, creativity and teacher leadership.

Headed over to Avery to meet with the teacher of gifted programs and classroom teacher about providing support for a student who is receiving gifted support in science.

Headed over to CO to:

  • Plan Social Justice programming for 15
  • Met with Director of Technology and Instructional Technology
  • Worked on Science "Patterns" Curriculum document draft 231
Headed to Lunch with the president of webster university and a student to discuss STEM programming.

Headed over to Avery to facilitate conversation with MySci.

Then to City Hall to set up for Local Government Learning Experience tomorrow.  Also known as the chair and cooler fiasco....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4/22 ERS

Started the morning meeting with the ELA coordinator.

We went through the SCISS Resource Hub and added "Units of study" connections with each social studies section K-5.

Went through NSTA conference schedule to download resources from the march conference.  (Don't judge I've been busy)  Only got through the first day :-(

Met with the team at CPO Science/Frey about resources.

Worked on MAP for Jaguar 5 K after feedback

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/21 Discovery Ed, ERS, Avery

Started the day welcoming students and teachers in to school.

Had a Webinar with Discovery Ed about Techbook Usage.  Some screenshots below:

Met with Fine Arts coordinator about STEAM.

Headed over to Avery: Met with 5th grade at Avery re: Social Studies

Headed back to Edgar Road.

Drudged through email.

Drafted number 57 (and 58) of the Social Studies curriculum updating learning targets to match Core content.  Sent to Asst. Supt for approval before I do the rest.  Completed: Culture and Cultural DiversityTime continuity and change, People Places and Environments, and Individual Development and Identity.

Met with building principal and counselor about student placement.  Worked on Building map.

Worked on a Jaguar 5 K Map to support this one:

With this one:

Continued working on building map options.

Monday, April 20, 2015

4/20 ERS

Finalized tweaks in my "Being more productive" presentation.

Welcomed kids into school

Attended the Respect and Responsibility team meeting

Attended Jaguar Justice

Attended RTI team meeting

Attended ELA team meeting

Planned and recorded Monday Memo

Reviewed Summer SS led Professional Learning opportunities.

Attended Math team meeting

Attended Technology team meeting

Assisted with dismissal

Headed over to WGHS to swap out laminating.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

4/16 CECH Hudson/Rockhill Local Government Authentic Learning experience.

Arrived at Hudson to make sure everything worked out well.

Facilitated and supported learning experience for students.  Tweets from the event seen here:

Met with teacher observers to go through the hub and support for the learning experiences.

Worked through emails.

4/15 BOT, Principal Meeting, ERS

Started the day at the Webster University Board of trustees meeting.

Afterwords I attended the Elementary Principals meeting.  We discussed:

  • Summer Enrollment
  • Personnel 
  • After School Enrichment
  • PTO Guest SPeakers
  • Elementary report card
  • Coordinator Update - Mentor Program
  • AimsWeb Progress monitoring tool

Afterwords headed over to Edgar Road to:
Helped with dismissal