Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/4 WGHS, CO

Started the day at Central office.  Met with staff and picked up resources.

Met with copy center staff

Met with AP at WGHS

Organized materials from Social Studies facilitator meeting.  Cleaned up room.

Made list of resources to be shipped to various libraries.

Answered hundred (felt like) of emails.

Confirmed agenda for 6-8 MS science meetings

Watched and was inspired by:

Reviewed facilitator notes from yesterday's meeting.

Crafted email about 4th and 5th overlap in content.  Created a document to collaborate around.

Started putting together next year summer ordering of resources.

Put together a list of possible Short/Long term learning opportunities I could lead:

Short Term (hours)
Twitter 101 (3)
Social Media for Educators (6)
Personal branding, taking charge of your digital footprint (6)
Professional Development like Burger King: Have it your way (6)
"I’m a mac” support group - investigate tools to leverage productivity and learning on your personal mac device (4)
Visualizing data (NOTE: requires participants to bring data from assessments) (6)
Increasing your productivity using technology (3)

Google related itemsGoogle Classroom 101 (3)
Google 101 (3)
Becoming a Youtube poweruser (4)
Designing Interactive assessments and learning activities using google slides (3)
Becoming a Google Powersearcher (3)
little known Google Search tools that you should be using (like this) (6)

below are iOs options for the iPad users in the districtThere’s an App for that (3)
iPad power user for learning and teaching (3)
Enhancing productivity and collaboration on an iPad (3)
iPad for the administrator/school leader (3)
Capturing and sharing learning with photos (3)
Amplifying learning with Garageband (3)
Making data meaningful with Numbers (3)
Customizing learning through iTunes U (3)
Documenting and reflecting using iMovie (3)
Long Term (hours)Grading for learning (16) - Shifting to a standards-based learning experience for students (12) BOOK: Classroom assessment and grading that work
Flip Teaching (16) BOOK: Flip your classroom (NOTE: cost for cameras for those that don’t have them built into their device)
MAKERED - leveraging design thinking and makerspace thinking into transformative learning (12) BOOK:
The Personalized Learning Experience (16) BOOK: Invent to Learn and/orWorlds of Making

Afterwards headed over to Central Office for the 2nd year Social Justice workshop.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26 WGHS, Avery, Hixson Arcade

Started the day at WGHS.  Worked on:

  • NSTA conference
  • Slides for GAM presentation
  • Reviewed STEAM agenda
  • Met with Fine arts coordinator

Then headed over to Avery for an Acceleration Meeting for a student.

After that I went over to Hixson. There I:
  • met with 8th grade Social Studies department
  • organized projects for Arcade.
Headed over to Hudson for the Arcade.  See images below


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25 ERS

Made some breakfast sandwiched for teachers and staff.  It was awesome.

Sent details for NSTA trip.  Hunted down hotel registration (seemed to take forever).

Sent out details for Arcade for Thursday and Friday.

Updated HUB checklist

Re-authored attendance letters due to grammatical error. SHUCKS

edited 3/3 facilitator meeting agenda

Evaluated all social studies sections of the Resource Hub on checklist to determine what's left to be accomplished

Submitted order for more laminating film

Evaluated all science sections of the Resource Hub on checklist to determine what's left to be accomplished

Worked on Weather and Climate unit for 2nd grade to finish an "exemplar" for future HUB work

Walked around to every classroom.

Read through conference options for #NSTA15 and started putting together listings

2/24 ERS

Started the day at a meeting in Central office.

Headed over to Edgar Road.

I met with the building principal.

Worked on residency issue with teachers and students.

Worked on Attendance letters to students

fixed a door working with director of technology

scheduled a multitude of meetings

Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23 ERS

Started the day welcoming students and teachers into school.

Met with teacher regarding police report concern for lost/stolen item

Met with teacher re: timeline for Science and Social Studies implementation.

Met with teacher re: missing item.

Ordered resources for 6th grade science

Prepped ERS resources

Ate lunch with 2nd graders

Finalized iPad email

Finalized 2nd year Teacher workshop (slides here)

Read article on PLCs

Authored and recorded Monday Memo

Created HUB checklist

Authored letter re: attendance

Shared attendance radar with staff

Friday, February 20, 2015

2/20 WGHS, Avery, Bristol

Started the day at the coordinator meeting.  We discussed:

  • Check in
  • MAP Changes
  • Prop S and W
  • Additional Summer Work (besides the scheduled PD we are leading)
  • Schedule date
  • Summer Professional Development
  • Social Justice
  • Professional Development in 15-16
  • Sharing Curriculum
  • Proficiency Scales and Elementary Reporting
  • Next week Coordinator Coffee

I then headed over to Avery.  At avery I walked around checking in with teachers.  I also delivered materials to 4th grade.

Afterwords I headed over to Bristol to meet with the Library coordinator about resource lists.

I wrapped up the day by tying up loose ends and met up with staff members after work.