Friday, November 20, 2015

11/20 Learning Team, WGHS

Started the day with the Learning Team meeting.  I facilitated a BreakoutEDU game on Decoding the war (seen here:

Also discussed the January 4th PD day and Middle School Progress Reports.

After I had a lunch meet with a team at Webster University.

I then went back to WGHS to:

11/19 Character Ed CSIP, MS Science, DLT, 1st Grade, Google 101

Started the day at Edgar Road with the Character Ed (R and R) CSIP team. Agenda found here.

  1. Review the CSIP - Questions/Clarifications
  2. Review Marzano feedback from last year (Summary)
  3. Next steps with Action items (divide and report back)
  4. When's our next meeting?
  5. How will we celebrate?

Headed over the WGHS to meet with a couple meetings:
1.  The Middle School Science Teachers were working together.  Agenda found here

  • Check in
  • Task completion for the year
  • Future Meeting drafts
  • Standards-Based Assessment
  • Engineering Design Progression
  • Department time
  • After Implementation Timeline

2.  The 1st grade teachers were using curriculum time in 324.

I stopped in the DLT meeting to review and simulate a crisis scenario.  We also discussed the pending posting of Assistant Supt of HR.

After school facilitated the Google 101 session.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11/17 Edgar Road, WGHS, 2nd grade SS, Bristol, Kindergarten

Started the day at the Edgar Road Faculty meeting.

Then headed over to WGHS to work with 2nd grade social Studies curriculum work.

Some of the highlights from today are:

At 1pm I went over to Bristol to work on the resources that were delivered to schools.

At times throughout the day I checked in with the Kindergarten Teachers that were working in WGHS 324.

Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16 Edgar Road, Hixson

Starting the morning welcoming students and teachers in the school...

Distributed resources to Edgar Road from SS facilitators.

Met with fine arts resource regarding lessons and connections to fine arts.

Met with Assistant Supt, building principal, ELA coordinator regarding resources and the School for Today report.

Met with 5th grade teacher

Met with support staff

Designed a Science poster

Created agenda for MS SS collaboration

Created agenda for K-5 Science collaboration

Observed a teacher in 1st grade

Observed a teacher in 2nd grade

Headed over to Hixson afterschool to attend their PLC meetings.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11/11 Edgar Road School

Started the day welcoming students and teachers in to school

Worked with a 5th grader

Worked with a kindergartener

Worked with a 3rd grader

Followed up on write up procedures

Added items to behavior document

Called some parents

Spent some time in classrooms not having to do observations

Drafted timeline to implementation of building new science kits.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

11/10 WGHS, Steger, Maryville U

Started the day at WGHS

  • answered emails
  • hunted down software
  • packed up resources
  • shared resources
  • set up local government experience and meeting
Met with teacher at Steger to plan intelligent behaviors unit

Presented "What happens when they google you?" at Maryville

Met with Dustin Loeffler about opportunities to collaborate with WGSD science/social studies teachers.  We discussed:
  • Drone usage - 8th grade science
  • Connections for 8th grade Social Studies
  • iPad institute collaboration

Listen to "Disrupting my comfort zone"

Monday, November 9, 2015

11/9 Edgar Road

Started the day welcoming students and staff into the building

Reviewed progress on the Technology CSIP

Met with the director of Technology

Revised R and R CSIP team

Reviewed Marzano Student survey feedback

Sent social Justice Reminder for the workshop on 11/23

Prepped for MS science meeting

Prepped for MS Social Studies Meeting

Drafted SS facilitator meeting 3

Met with building principal

Thursday, November 5, 2015

11/5 Technology CSIP, ITEF, WGHS, Principia, MRH

Started the day at Edgar Road School working with the Technology CSIP team.  Agenda

Met with leaders of ITEF to discuss the grant process.

I then headed over to WGHS to:

  • Catch up on emails
  • draft Technology inventory for ERS
  • Meet with the director of Instructional technology to plan:
    • Google 101 session
    • Google Classroom session
    • Garageband session
    • There's an app for that session
Met with the team from Principia to discuss learning spaces and connecting classrooms.

Finally wrapped up the day discussing learning spaces at Maplewood Richmond Heights High School

11/4 Leadership Academy

Spent the morning on Total Engagement Techniques led by Peggy Dersch.

Spent the Afternoon at Avery Elementary

Met with colleagues in the Leadership Academy after school

11/3 Edgar Road

Started the day at a social justice meeting discussing the American Denial movie and presentations that followed.

Welcomed students and staff into the school.

Had a phone conversation with the Director of Learning at the Chesterfield day school about the movie

Completed a grant

Met with 1st grade teachers about technology needs

Drafted Technology budget for the next four years based on needs/wants

Completed a formal evaluation of a teacher.

Met with building principal

Facilitated dismissal

Met with teacher as a part of the fellowship program

Monday, November 2, 2015

11/2 Edgar Road School

Started the day welcoming teachers and student in to school.

I added detail and resources to the Technology CSIP team meeting.

I added detail and resources to the R & R CSIP team meeting.

I met with the school librarian

I authored a grant for a "Learning Kiosk"

Prepped for a PreObservation for a Formal Evaluation.


Watched this:

Discussed Grant with Director of Technology

Met with Direct of student services.

Met with Kindergarten team about Technology...
Desire to order 24 laptops (6 per teacher) and 24 iPads.  Along with replacing two projectors.

Facilitated dismissal

Met with Teacher for Preobservation for formal eval.

10/30 PD Day

Started the morning at Hixson Middle School.

I facilitated the first session by reading the School for Today report authored by the district and hosting a discussion.

We then attended the School for Today Presentation in the auditorium

I then attended the Social Studies and Science department meetings.

Afterwords I met with the coordinators to debrief the day.

I headed over the the High School to work on:

Presentation for the Best Practices Conference
Presentation for Maryville University
Various emails and agenda drafting.

10/29 Edgar Road

Spent the day at Edgar Road school.  Worked with teachers, supported fall celebrations and school parade.

After school went to meeting at the CIC regarding the town to town competition...