Friday, January 30, 2015

1/30 Coordinator Meeting, ERS

Met with Central Office and Curriculum coordinators to discuss:

  • 16-17 calendar
  • Start, Stop, Improve
  • Defined STEM
  • upcoming dates

Headed over to Edgar Road to:
  • Met with custodians for yearly eval
  • Called parent regarding attendance concerns
  • Met re: billing
  • Finalized Nurses Eval
  • Met with custodian regarding eval revisions.

Facilitated and supervised dismissal.

Sent out administrator survey to staff.

1/29 New Teacher Meeting

Started the day at WGHS.  Met with New teachers.

Agenda for new teachers found here.

The bulk of the time was spent watching videos of classroom instruction and reflecting over what we saw, noticed and related to.  Form seen here.

Had to leave at 12 when I got a phone call about having a sick kiddo.  She napped until my wife arrived home.

Headed back to work to wrap up the day with the new teachers.

After work ran over to Shrewsbury city center to put up our display case.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/28 ERS, Science Vertical Team

Started the say at Edgar Road.  Welcomed students in.  Walked around to every classroom to say good morning.

Checked on prep for the Mock Map.

Facilitated the Mock Map for 5th grade.

Gave tour for a family.

Investigated families residency.

Contacted director of student services regarding residency.

Drafted SS vertical team minutes.

Attended 5th grade team meetings.

Returned Chromebooks to their home.

Attended meeting at edplus

Prepped for Science Vertical Team SLIDES

Facilitated Science Vertical Team and MINUTES

1/27 ERS, Clark, SS vertical Team

Started the day at a faculty meeting in the morning discussing Principal search and Tax levy/bond issue.

Finished Draft 1 of the Nurse evaluation.

Met with student

Investigated student incident

Met with Science Kit coorindator.

Headed over to Clark.

Met with teachers, was a resource in classrooms.

Met with 1st grade team

After school facilitated a conversation with James Kendra regarding his TEDx talk on "The Content Free Social Studies Classroom."

The conversation was recorded here:

Monday, January 26, 2015

1/26 ERS

Started the morning welcoming students into school.

Walked around welcoming students back

Finalized Custodian evaluation

Started on Nurse evaluation

Finalized TA evaluation and placed copies in their mailbox.

Set up SKYPE/Hangout with James Kendra "Content-free social studies classroom."

met with building principal regarding student attendance

Sent reminder about Vertical Team

Set up event to hangout with Peter Kinder with 4th grade

Ate lunch with 4th grade

Met with head custodian

Created video to help with Mock Map on Wednesday

Thursday, January 22, 2015

1/22 CO, ERS

Started the day at Central Office.  Worked with Supt and other Administrators on the Administrator evaluation document to move it into the next stages of completion.

Headed over to Edgar Road.

  • Worked through email.
  • Talked with teachers about eDirect log ins
  • sent emails re: changing 6-8 science collaboration
  • sent email invite to Science vertical team
  • drafted last 6-8 science collaboration here.
  • printed attendance forms for secretary
  • delivered resources to 1st grade

Met with counselor/building principal to discuss MOCK map.
- Sent out emails with detailed plans for each grade level.

Attended Spelling bee

Cleaned out emails

Double checked 29th email

Shared administrator evaluation with building principal.

Supervised dismissal

Prepped for Kindergarten information night.

1/21 6-8 Science Collaboration date

Worked with 6th, 7th and 8th grade Science departments.  Agenda and completed work can be found here.

My favorite image of the day is this:

Teachers thoughtfully connecting content, standards, goals.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/20 ERS

Started the morning welcoming kids into school.  Opening doors, greeting students, etc.

Prepared for Aides meeting.

  • Printed agenda.
  • Made copies of flow chart
  • Made copies of eval document
Walked around to every classroom, met with teachers and aides

Recorded School Reach Call

Ordered OSMO

Ordered cases for iPad mini

Met with reading interventionist to discuss Mock Map procedures.

Phone webinar with Defined STEM:

Investigated door locks for three classrooms.

Attended MLK presentation by 4th grade students

Parking passes for Middle school Science

Sent out CLARK invitation to coordinator day on 1/27.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/15 6-8 Social Studies, MAP conversation

Spent the day working with 6-8th grade social studies teachers.  We collaborated around this document.

Teachers worked in their grade level teams and then worked whole group.

The district held conversations around the upcoming MAP assessment.  We collaborated around this document.

1/14 5th Grade Social Studies, 2nd year SJ workshop

Worked for the day with 5th Grade Social Studies facilitators.  The team worked from here.

Facilitated 2nd year Social Justice workshop using these slides.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/13 ERS, CO

Started the morning working on ADE application for 2015

Welcomed kids into the school. BRRRRR!!!

Sent email to SS vertical team

Sent email re: Clark 1/2 day

Met with building principal about eval grid

Observed "Walkthrough" of 2 - 1st grade classrooms, a 2nd grade, a 3rd grade, a and a 5th grade.

Met with STEMpact coordinator.

Made parking for 6-8 SS teachers for 1/15

Finalized 1/15 6-8 SS agenda

Made Strategies for ED for teachers.

Met with Supt. re: evaluation

Met with Asst. Supt re: evaluation


Started the day At WGHS.  I worked on:

  • Prepping for 6th grade meeting
  • Sending books to Avery
  • Organizing resources for facilitators
  • Calling Bread Co
  • Calling Apple

Met with Apple re: Volume Purchasing Program

After I headed over to Hixson to watch a Gallery Walk of student projects seen below:

Then over to Edgar Road to:

  • meet with building principal
  • iron out details for Support Staff evaluations
    • Crossing Guard
    • Nurse
    • Custodian
  • Worked on Aid meeting

Wrapped up the day at the iDEA meeting.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

1/9 ERS, WGHS, edplus

Started the day with Edgar Road for a bagel breakfast.

Headed over to WGHS for Coordinator meeting, we discussed:

After lunch headed over to Education plus to facilitate the MaRC and SSLC collaboration meeting.  Notes found here.

Ended the day answering over a hundred emails. INBOX ZERO achieved!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/8 Avery, Coordinators, ERS

Started the day at Avery Elementary.  Walked around talking with teachers.

2nd grade started their world studies unit and received their passports:

I met with a student to review science materials to assess grade level knowledge in relationship to acceleration.

I met with a teacher to discuss how to use twitter.

I met with the building principal.

Afterwords I headed over to meet with the curriculum coordinator for Math and ELA.  We discussed the upcoming SSLC/MARC meeting and planned the 1/29 new teacher meeting.  Handout found here.

Then went over to Edgar Road.  I checked in with classrooms and teachers.  I followed up on a couple issues, answered emails and assisted with dismissal.

I began authoring the evaluation of student performance for gifted acceleration regarding science.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1/7 ERS

Started the day meeting with a group of teachers interested in learning more about flip teaching.  Here's a resource about flipping to learn more.

Headed over to Edgar Road.

responded to emails.

Met with 4th grade teacher

Attended student problem solving meeting

phone conferences

Canceled 2/26 SS facilitator meeting

Researched iPad 2 cases.

Worked on finding a new Storage solution for the hallways.

Authored STEM TQ email.

Met with Librarian to discuss technology workshops we can offer
Planned a progression of Google Apps
Phase 1:
  1. Gmail
  2. drive
  3. docs
  4. slides
  5. sheets
  6. forms
Phase 2:
  1. Classroom
  2. Calendar
  3. Search
  4. G+/Communities
Phase 3:

  1. Chrome browser
  2. Apps/Extensions
  3. Add-ons
  4. Scripts?

Planned a iPad initial training workshop

Phase 1:

iPad Edgar Road
  1. Anatomy
  2. Care and feeding
  3. Notes
  4. Safari
  5. Multitasking/closing an app
  6. Hooking it up to a projector/smartboard
  7. App Store - process to purchase an App
  8. Camera
Ordered Bagels for Friday's B-fast

Went to measure the display case at Shrewsbury city center

Went to return the T-Shirt Cannon. :-(

Edcamp Foundation google hangout

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/6 ERS, SJ planning, ERS

Started the morning with a meeting with a teacher.

Then headed over to Edgar Road.

I worked on the Administrative Eval

Ordered resources for 7th grade Science.


Met with admin and teacher to plan SJ workshop on 1/14
Made slides
Made handouts CREDE, Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Rubric
Sent reminder email

Met with 2nd grade student

Sat in on a couple kindergarten classrooms.

Assisted with Dismissal

Investigated Classroom Splashtop:

Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5 ERS

Welcome back!

Started the day opening car doors and welcoming kiddos

Walked around wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Hangout with school sharing "The Culture of Yes!" presentation:

Finalized "Important dates" for the 2nd semester

Met with teacher's aids to begin planning Aids meeting for 1/20

Cleared out emails

Met with building principal

Discussed Mock MAP assessment protocols

Worked on admin eval