Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18 ERS

Started the day welcoming in students.  Walked around and checked in on every classroom.

I drafted the calendar for January/February

I met with building principal to review responsibilities and improve performance.

Met with student re: behavior, contacted parents.

Met with organization to support students.

Wrote report for Student Service director

I then worked on the second semester calendar shared that with staff.

Wrapped up the day and assisted with dismissal

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17 ERS, Shrewsbury city center

Started the day welcoming students into school!

After being gone for 1 day, I had 186 emails to process.

finalized attendance letters to families.

Created packet on students, made a call

finalized key ordering and gave keys out. Put the rest in the safe.

Phone conversation with parent re: tardies/attendance

Helped with 4th grade Rocks and Minerals

After school headed over to Shrewsbury City Center to get photos of the display case we've been asked to plan/decorate in Feb/March.

12/16 Sick day


12/15 Meetings, ERS

Started the morning meeting with mindspark partners inc.

I then headed over to Edgar Road.

I reviewed my year plan document and sought feedback on progress.

Ran staff attendance reports

Ran student attendance report

Friday, December 12, 2014

12/11 DLT, ERS

Started the day at the district leadership team meeting.

Afterwords headed over to Edgar Road.

I took images for a multi-media presentation for next week.

Responded to emails.

Attended the music presentation.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10 Hixson, Emerging Tech

Spent the day at Hixson walking around, supporting teachers, collaborating with others... Teachers signed up here.

After school attended the Emerging Technologies committee meeting.

12/9 Clark, Edgar, Steger

Started the day at Central Office to register teachers for the NSTA convention.

I then headed over to Clark to spend the day in and out of classrooms.  Teachers signed up here for me to stop by their room.

In 5th grade we celebrated our "Hour of code!"

I then went over to Edgar Road to help with a project and work with a teacher.

After school I headed over to Steger for the World Studies department meeting.  The conversation led to a space where we were able to outline the year and highlighted topics/events in history.  Seen here:

Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8 Bristol

Spent the day at Bristol.  Teachers signed up here to meet or chat.

One of my biggest takeaways was watching students collaborate around a map of Missouri.  As an opportunity to pretest students can layout locations or regions of Missouri, then observe other groups.   This is a cool way to pretest/posttest.

Another cool activity was students investigating energy.  Kids rolled balls and investigated what impacted speed and energy.  Great use of textbooks, HA!

Met with 1st grade team about resources and leveled books to use in instruction.

Helped with WG cloud

Hung out in Density Investigations

headed over to Science Department meeting at Steger.
  • Discussed Ecology Rubrics
  • Smarter Balanced Assessments

12/5 Coordinator Meeting, ERS

Started the morning at a Coordinator meeting where we discussed:

  • What's up
  • Board meeting
  • iDEA 1/2 date
  • Permission
headed over to Edgar Road to:
  • Say hi!
  • Work on Attendance documentation for tardies
  • Share out Attendance Radar list
  • meet with teachers
  • assist with dismissal

12/4 Social Studies facilitators

Worked with K, 1, 2, 3 and 5 teachers to refine and develop resources for Social studies facilitators.

Notes can be found here.

12/2 - 12/3 Google Teacher Academy - Austin

Attended Google Teacher Academy in Austin Texas.

Follow along on the hashtag.

Some of my takeaways included:

Notes found here.

12/1 Hudson

Spent the day at Hudson Elementary.  Teachers signed up here.  I helped in classrooms and met with teachers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26 ERS

Started the day welcoming kids in with the morning drive.

Interviewed staff for safety and security.

Worked through keys in the office to find resources to lock up staff's personal belongings.  This took hours.

Created report for building principal.

Submitted work orders for locks and doors missing key safety and security features.

Shoveled snow for dismissal.

11/24 Social Justice Workshop

Facilitated workshop with 2nd year teachers and Educational Equity Consultants.

After school went over to Hixson for department meetings.

Friday, November 21, 2014

11/21 WGHS, ERS

Started the day at the Coordinator meeting where we discussed:

  • Board retreat
  • books
  • bookshelves
  • Cabinets and organization
  • Tax Levy and Bond
  • Venture Cafe and more

Headed over to ERS to write yesterday's blog post :-)

Clean out emails

Do math with a 3rd grader

Remade the Safety and security form for next week: 

Worked on the "Culture of Yes!"

Drafted Letter of Recommendation for teacher

11/20 WGHS, DLT, VPP

Started the day meeting with 5th grade Science facilitators.  We discussed the agenda:

They completed:

I also facilitated a conversation at Central Office DLT meeting around "Moonshot Thinking"

I headed back over to the Science facilitators to check in and provide guidance

I then met with the district director of Technology and a staff member at Avery to discuss the Volume Purchasing Program.  I alter repeated that same meeting with the district's director of instructional technology.

I then met with the MYSCI staff and the 5th grade team to discuss the units they are piloting.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/18 ERS, SS Vertical Team 2

Started the day COLD!  Welcoming students into the school.

Set up for the Aides Meeting with the following agenda:
Minutes found here.

Met with Kindergarten student about behavior in the classroom.

Printed resources for SS vertical Team

Wrote this blog post:

Made Wednesday folder checklist...

Worked on Cross referencing the NGSS with the GLEs
High School
Middle School
Elementary School

Headed over to set up for Social Studies Vertical Team. Minutes taken here.

11/17 Steger Computer School, My Sci

Spent the day in and around classrooms with the Steger/Computer school staff.

Only a few "Official" meetings when teachers signed up here.

After school I went over to WGHS to prepare for the My Sci training and workshop.

Monday, November 17, 2014

11/14 Lutheran South, CO, SSLC

Started the morning with a presentation for 45minutes on flip teaching at Lutheran South.

After had a meeting at Central Office to discuss a communications matrix.

Delivered materials over to WGHS for meetings and shipped Makey Makeys over to Clark.

Headed down to Academy of Science for the St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium.  Where 8th grade shared their unique was of giving students power and ownership of their learning.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

11/13 Central Office, ERS

Started the day at central office for the yearly staffing meeting.  I met with the building principal, director of H.R. and the Superintendent.

Met with the director of human resources about talentED and the hiring process when a job is posted.

Headed over to Edgar Road to:
1.  Meet with building principal
2.  worked on Science sites for 6th grade and started on 7th grade.

Met with Mentor to tour the school, discuss leadership and have lunch.

Headed over to Hudson to work on job fair activities and advertising.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12 ERS

Got the message about email storage being full.  Had to figure out how to empty the trash.

Checked out the DOME theatre and the shows they are offering.

Talked to two parents about attendance letters that were sent home.

Watched an episode in "THE DOME."

Talked with the St.Louis Rams Street Team coordinator about EdcampWG.

Met with Assistant Supt to discuss:

  • Subs for Friday
  • My Sci Survey
  • Days of the week to split responsibilities
Met with Kindergarten students about a pencil incident that happened in the dome

Worked with a kiddo on solutions to some problems that were happening in the classroom.

Helped in 4th grade Science

Assisted with dismissal

Sent out Aides meeting agenda

edited MYSCI surveys and sent them out

Called back Cardinals and Kendeo

11/11 ERS

Started the day with an interview for the school secretary position at Edgar Road School.

worked on Aides Agenda, met with some aides to get topics for the agenda

read ASCD magazine on Student voice

Met with Webster University staff about Alumni activities.

Met with 5th grade teacher about EdcampWG.

Went into classrooms to help and watch learning.

Ended the day with an interview for the school secretary position.

Monday, November 10, 2014

11/10 Chesterfield Day School, Edgar Road School

Started the day touring the Chesterfield Day school.  I met with their Director of Academics and student services.  The tour focused on learning spaces for students and partnering with classrooms to give students a natural audience for work they are doing.

Headed over to Edgar Road afterwords.

Worked on School Reach phone call.

Worked on a schedule for attending conferences tonight.

Met with 5th grade teacher about EdcampWG

Met with 4th grade teacher about classroom space planning.

Worked on Absent and Tardy Data and letters home.

Worked with a student on disciplinary actions.

Assisted with dismissal.

Attended parent/teacher conferences.

Friday, November 7, 2014

11/7 Computer School, Avery, Central Office, WGHS

Started the day dropping off laminated Studies Weekly to Avery and Computer School.

Then attended the Coordinator meeting at Central Office which overlapped with the

Headed over to WGHS to:
Work on HS Science Course progression:

Ordered materials for kindergarten

Worked on HS Math Course progression:

Watched EntreLeadership videos:

Developed a Kindergarten My Sci Evaluation form:

Developed 4th grade MySci Evaluation form:

After school met with the leaders of the Saint Louis Science Leaders Consortium to plan 11/14 meeting.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/6 Avery, DLT, ERS

Started the day at Avery helping 4th grade with their electricity unit.  Students investigated using Makey Makey's

Attended the DLT PD group on "JOY at work."  We toured WGHS and watched for evidence of "JOY" at work and in the workplace.  We saw teachers and classrooms demonstrating joy.  Met and discussed Joy in the workplace.

I then headed over to ERS
Worked through some shipments.
Answered emails

Read "School for Today" report and wrote out comments/questions.

Met with a student about something that was said at recess

Assisted with dismissal.

Afterwords headed over to WGHS to facilitate MYSCI pilot workshop.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11/5 Avery Day

Teachers signed up for times here.

Attended PLC meetings for 3rd grade

Prepped MAP Science conversation with 5th grade and made this document.

Attended 4th grade Science where kids were working on Circuits.  I then introduced MAKEY MAKEYS

Participated in Science lesson on Sand, Silt and Rocks.

Wrapped up with some Social Studies in Kindergarten

Wrapped up the day with Science Vertical Team

11/4 Powersearching, Hixson, DLT

Started the day giving a presentation on PowerSearching.

Toured Hixson and reviewed progress on meetings in Science and Social studies.

Headed over to Edgar Road to clean up and move things around from one pile to the other :-)

Ended the day with a District Leadership team about safety.

Monday, November 3, 2014

11/3 ERS

Started the day welcoming students into school.  Checked in with every teacher.

Worked in the main office as the principal and secretary were both out.

Performed a Safety and security assessment by talking with every staff member.

Shared results with building administrator.

Updated iObservation for teacher.

Sent email on Social studies vertical team.

Worked front desk from 2-end of school.

Friday, October 31, 2014

10/31 ERS, WGHS, Hixson, WGHS

Started the day welcoming kiddos into Edgar Road School.  I planned to go around with the Halloween parade but it started too late :-(

I headed over to WGHS to attend the coordinator meeting. We discussed the work of the collaborative and how to get an idea to spread.

I then headed over to Hixson to watch the Pumpkin dropping!

Met with the district Director of Instructional Technology.

Headed over to WGHS to work on emails and prepping for next week.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30 ERS, WGHS

Started the day at Edgar Road to record a phone blast about the email being back up and running.

Headed over to WGHS to:
1.  Move into my new desk workstation
2.  Complete work orders for items needing to be completed at WGHS 324
3.  Walked over to Central office for hanging folders and other misc office supplies.
4.  Worked through emails.
5. Finalized 12/4 facilitator date
6. Cleaned out the old desk and moved over to the new desk:

7. Put chairs together
8. Added to Coordinator Agenda

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/29 ERS

Started the day welcoming students into school.

Observed Kindergarten classes, 2nd grade and met with teacher to finalize observations.

Met with students about google searches they were doing.

Finalized order for Discovery Education

Completed Data table for a student:

Made slides for Science Vertical Team on 11/5

Made copies for Science Vertical Team

Met with 1st grade data team regarding student interventions.

Observed 2 3rd grade classes.

Met about safety guidelines.

Assisted with dismissal

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/28 ERS

Started the day at a staff meeting where we discussed:

  • iObservation
  • Nov 4th PD day
  • Delinquent lunch accounts
  • PT conferences
  • Crisis Plan
  • Phone tree

Scanned Binder for Kindergarten

Searched library portal for Native American and Countries

Recorded this video about accessing library resources:
Dowloaded pdf of book lists.

Updated Calendar of meetings and events.

Crafted and sent Science Vertical Team Email

Created and shared AVERY classroom day form

Crafted a school reach call about email communication, recorded and sent.

Misc Paperwork

Assisted with dismissal.

Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27 ERS

Started the morning welcoming students into school

Walked around to each room to say hello

Met with the Aid staff regarding playground expectations.

Drafted letter to 4th grad teachers about DVDs purchased.  Sent DVDs to schools.

Handled a crisis on the playground.

Met about 3 new students and their placement in our school.

Drafted Science Facilitator Meeting 3

Android-ified myself:

Planned Social Studies Facilitator meeting 3

Wrote School Reach announcement

Recorded School Reach announcement

Tried working through iObservation as a teacher.

Supervised dismissal

Saturday, October 25, 2014

10/24 Hixson, Coordinator Meeting, WGHS, Hixson

Started the day at Hixson.  Students got a chance to interview the CEO of water is life and a Worker in Ghana.

Setting up the questions and the Hangout
 Akua, a working in Ghana to tell kids about life there
 Ken, CEO of Water is Life taking a photo of the hangout
 The room of kiddos!
 Students using their device to record the event
 Two more students using their device to record the event

Headed to Coordinator meeting

Then over to WGHS.  Worked on:

  • Social Studies facilitators order
  • Updating laptop
  • organizing materials
  • Cleaning up resources

Friday, October 24, 2014

10/23 Science Facilitator Meeting 2

Agenda and minutes posted here

  10/23 from 8:30 - 3:30 in WGHS 324.

1. Review work completed on the Teacher Hub

2. Revise/Edit timeline:
  • Create Curriculum Map (done)
  • Create first draft of Common "Assessments"
  • Initial Pilot of MySci Kits (In progress)
  • Develop Reporting System (Done)
  • Inventory/Swap resources (Done)
  • Drafts Submitted to Board for Approval
  • Communicate to DLT regarding Timing of Science and needs of staff (in process)
  • Evaluate current resources in Kit (done)
  • Investing in reading libraries in schools

  1. What is an "Assessment"
  • Performance Event - (Experiential Learning)
  • Field Experience - Authentic Assessment
  • Paper/pencil
  • Google Form - etc.
  • Observation
  • Journaling - Blog/Wiki
  • Project

    1. Creating a Common "assessment" for Science
  • We do want 1 assessment for NOW
  • After "agreeing" to what a 3 looks like, we can provide a menu or range of choices
  • Keep in mind the RANGE of expectations of the growth of students from the beginning of the year to the end
  • Keep in mind it needs to be done AT SCHOOL
  • 4 weeks in each UNIT

    1. Designing formative assessments in primary grades - How To?
    2. Reporting System
  • Define a 3 as a 3, what does it "Look like"
  • Form - all dumps into one spreadsheet.
  • Photos easy
  • paper pencil - in a folder and ship it over
  • Scan and send from copier
  • Anything online is great!

  1. CORE Experiences within each unit
    1. Brain Pop conversation
    2. Reading A-Z - reading teachers have it (ELA budget?)
    3. Tumblebooks Free through public library
    4. Discovery Ed videos
    5. - search for books/reading level FREE
  • MEANINGFUL Experiences we want EVERY student in WG to have
  • At least 1 per unit
  • Maybe even 1 per week
  • Do we have the budget?
  • See connections between Social Studies and Science

  1. Report Card Discussion
Tools for learning: the report card group that met wanted it kept
we will be at least piloting a new card next year

  1. Current Kit Review
  • Materials List
  • Books from Kits

  1. Seek Out Resources (See Below)
purchased resource on CNI: (Uncovering student ideas)


Ordered Delta Materials
Ordered Delta and Scholastic
Ordered Frey Scientific
Ordered Delta Materials

  1. Set agenda for future meetings

K Finish assessment for earth day. Begin assessment for weather, and forces.  Core experiences.

Assessments for each science unit.  Visit with kindergarten and 2nd to make sure there is no overlap in content.
Continue working on activities (core experiences).  Look for literature to go with lessons.
Look at scope and sequence for activities (some of them are all year long)
Check to see if it’s more feasible to purchase a planetarium dome rather than bus students to the science museum.  Bridget wondered if the Science Museum would create a lesson just for us?

2nd grade: Revisit weather assessment. Begin other unit assessments. Think of “field experiences,” Weather Man visit/to the station, etc.

3rd: Review authentic and core experiences for each unit
Start Assessments
Begin a pacing guide
4th: Finish Energy and Rocks (everything)
Animal Unit: Finish the scoring guide and the scaffolding sheet, materials

  1. Grade Level Specific Time

Resources We Want (Ordered=Strikethrough)


National Geographics Kids Phonics Box Set
#46N3 in Kindergartners November

Delta Education Catalog 2013:
  • Space Readers- set includes 36 books, 6 of each title for $69.99 (pg. 74)- 1 per school
  • From Seed to Plant- 8 pack for $42 (pg. 49)- 1 per school
  • Sunshine and Shadows - 8 pack for $42.00 (pg. 49) - 1 per school
  • Earth - 8 pack for $42.00 (pg. 49) - 1 per school
  • Seasons Library - 4 titles 1 of each for $23.80 (pg. 225) - 2 per school?
  • Light All Around Us - 4 titles 1 of each for $23.96 (pg. 264) - 2 per school?

Possible funding to purchase Brainpop Jr. (Yikes, expensive....from Chris)

Delta Education Catalog 2013:
  • Force and Motion- 8-pack for $42 (pg. 51)- 1 set per school
  • Weather Watching- 8 pack for $42 (pg. 51)- 1 set per school
  • Science Vocabulary Readers: Wild Weather-set includes 36 books, 6 of each title for $52.49- 1 set per school
  • Watching the Weather $3.71 per book- (order 1 now to preview then possibly 6 per school)

Would it be possible for Mary Ann Horton to order and construct an “ecosystem” in lieu of the rotting log for second grade? We found one for $70/each, I know MH could rock it, Thanks, A Brent

Frey Scientific Catalog 2013:
  • Comparative Terrain Model ($259.95) - page 400 (order 1 now, possible 2 in future as a check out, not that every teacher needs one)
Delta Education Catalogue (2013)
  • Food Chains and Food Webs 8-pack 538-6059-573 (pg 53)- 1
  • Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils 8-pack 1278105-573 (pg 53)- 1
  • Heat and Light Energy 8-pack 1278088-573 (pg 53)- 1
  • Weathering and Erosion Skillbuilders Packets (pg 59)-1 ($7.95)
  • Sound Energy Skillbuilders Packet (pg 59)- ($7.95)

Eye by David Macauay one copy for each teacher from Amazon $3.99 ISBN 978-1-59643-782-1 Play Visions Club Earth Fly Eyes  $6.18

Amazon:Uncle Milton Nat Geo Club Chameleon $12.01

Amazon: Uncle Milton Nat Geo Wild Bug Eye Glasses $10.60

Amazon: Chameleons are Cool: Read and Wonder $6.29

A Class Set for every teacher (Avery already has them) of the Nature Unleashed Workbook from MO Dept. Conservation (free, we think)

Delta Science Readers:
Weather and Erosion Set
Sound Energy Set