Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28 ERS

Stopped by every room to say good morning

Worked on grade level Video: exported to CNI server, uploaded to youtube:

Looked for a good book for my read aloud on 9/5

Cleared out emails.

Conducted iObservation Walkthrough of Domain 1 of a teacher.

Had lunch and met with the 1st year teachers at Edgar Road.

Met with 1st grade teacher about details for Friday.

Drafted School Reach weekly phone call announcements to parents/community seen here.

Learned how to log in to school reach and record a message.  Recorded the message.

Drafted a poster for 7th grade History.

Observed 5th grade class and recorded it in iObservation.

Completed reading inventory on 5th grade class.

Prepped for PD day tomorrow with chairs, projector and layout of the gym.

Attended a webinar on Go Guardian.

Met with 3rd grade teacher to discuss flexible learning spaces.

Office: ERS
ERS: 95
CC: 5

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8/27 Avery, WGHS

Started the day with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade PLC's.  We discussed MAP data for Science and made a plan for action.  Located here.

Met for lunch with Math and ELA coordinators.

Met at WGHS with the Science coordinator from Kirkwood.


  • reviewed each others curriculum
  • investigated the Next generation science standards
  • Planned a Kindergarten Unit/assessment (seen below)
  • Discussed ways to interact with teachers around the NGSS
  • Discussed Xylophone and Beak PD experiences.

8/26 CO, Avery, WGHS

Started the day at WGHS completing final prepaprations for the Avery MAP data PLCs.

Headed over to Central Office to discuss and plan the DLT learning for the school year.

Then arrived at Avery.

Met with Avery PLCs to discuss MAP data.

Each Grade Level came up with plans of implementation and improvements that could be made.  Those are documented here.

Wrapped up the day at Flip Meeting 5.  Used this slide deck to facilitate the conversation.

Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25 ERS, Hixson

Started the day going through emails.

Updated the grade level documents for K-5 day on 8/29.

Welcomed kiddos and stopped by each room.

Investigated bus issue.

Made contact with Felicia at VICC for a bus video.

Sent email about Steger/Computer School Date.

Edited iObservation/Evaluation spreadsheet

Scheduled afternoon reading eval/iObservation

Investigated got my log in. set up demo and appointment.

Printed and organized reports for Hudson MAP day

Recorded #EdcampChallenge Video

Sent follow up email from required training and missing signatures.

Met with Security Team from VICC to view Bus video

Reviewed New Student folders to determine what was missing from each folder to complete enrollment.

Supervised dismissal

Headed over to Hixson for Department meetings.

Office: ERS
CC: 5
ERS: 95

Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22 ERS

Started the day recording this video in preparation for Grade Level Team Meetings on 8/29:

Then met with Math and ELA coordinators to plan the Hudson MAP data day FOUND HERE

I then met with building principal to discuss the days events.

Supervised 4th grade recess.

Went outside with 2nd grade PE

Went outside with 4th grade PE.

Supervised conversation with community member.

Worked on iObservation schedule for the staff.

Logged in to iObservation.

Reviewed comments about settings on a google community.

Sent email about 8/29.
"Hi all,

Just wanted to give you some more details and set expectations for the morning of 8/29.

FYI:  We will be joined by the staff from Clark Elementary.  

IMPORTANT:  We will start right at 8am.  Please join us at 7:45 for a light breakfast in the atrium area outside the gym.
THOUGHT:  This experience is active so please come dressed comfortably.

Below is the experience we had as a district leadership team this past summer. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect.

The morning will start with a presentation from the WG police department.  They will set the stage for the experience of the day and go over statistics, objectives, strategies, details, etc.  They have an extensive powerpoint.

Next you'll join a team and learn a valuable strategy for an active shooter situation called "Barricading a door."

You'll come back together in a large group and discuss the experience and prepare for the next experience.

Afterwards you'll head back to the team room and be faced with an active shooter simulation.  During this experience you will be required to make a decision based on information as to whether or not to once again barricade the door or exit the building.

We'll wrap up and process the experience, discuss what happened, discuss emotions and ask questions.

Please understand this whole experience is set up to inform and arm you with knowledge.  This experience will also allow you time to think about how we'll protect our kids should a crisis situation like this happen at our school.

Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/20 DLT, ERS

Started the day at DLT (District Leadership Team) discussed:

  • VICC program
  • Involving Senior Citizens
  • August 29th PD day
  • Criteria for Distinction
  • Debriefing 1st day of school
  • Supt Update
headed over the Edgar Road to:
  • Have lunch with 3rd grade
  • get photo taken for Stlmag
  • Meet with counselor and building principal
  • draft 8/29 email to staff
  • checked email
  • emailed dese about a report
  • helped 3rd grade class with FAST plants
  • Assisted with dismissal
  • Read through mail from mailbox

Stuck Around for Open House

Office: ERS
ERS: 95
CC: 5

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/19 WGHS

Started the day making the slides for the Flip Teaching meeting next week.

Made Slides for Social Studies Vertical Team

Made copies of Timeline, learning goals and content alignment for vertical team.

Created Summary of MAP data for Hudson found here.

Processed MAP data for Clark, Bristol, Computer School.

Made sample site for 8th grade Forces and Interactions unit.

Wrote script for facilitators for the 8/29 date.  Sent it on to them.

Arranged for copies for 8/29.

Organized MAP data for Hixson over the last three years to notice trends in the data by standard.

Read through comments of the Social Studies Curriculum.

Started editing draft 56 of Culture and Cultural Diversity

Facilitated SS Vertical Team 1

Office: WGHS
ERS: 0

8/19 Hixson, WGHS, Hixson

Started the day meeting with colleague planning 2nd year social justice email.

Sent the email.

Added dates to calendar for the year approved by Asst. Supt of CNI.

Made slides for Grade Level:




Sent email request for volunteers for 8/29 K-5 PD.

Met with Coordinator for Gifted Programs about supporting Science and Social Studies in the K-5 classroom.

Made copies and packets for Avery MAP PLCs next week.

Processed Hixson MAP data. Sent to building admin.

Processed Hudson MAP data. Sent to building admin.

Attended 8th Grade Science Department Meeting.

Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18 ERS

Started the day answering emails, welcoming kids.

I walked around and welcomed every teacher and some classes to a new week.

Printed Avery MAP data for future conversations.

Met with Principal to plan:

  • Observation spreadsheet
  • MAP data designations
Pulled down MAP data in Math, Communication Arts and Science.  Disaggregated the data and sent to teachers.

Got into SIS to pull down student information for this year.

created report of last years MAP dat with this year's student list.

Got into classes
4th grade
1st grade
5th grade

After School took the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8/15 Coordinator Retreat

Discussed Summer Joys

Reviewed August 8 presentation

The Collaborative - Draft Concepts

Planned August 29 pd

reviewed Preschool - 12th Grade New Teacher Program including summer orientation

Revised the program evaluation process

Office: CC
ERS: 0
CC: 100

Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/14 ERS,CO

Started the day at Edgar Road.

Entered classes to share the "about me" slide

At 9:30am I headed over the CO to meet about the Science Curriculum

I finished introducing myself to all the classes.  I just have Kindergarten on Monday.

I met with the principal to go over tasks of:

  • New student folders
  • Mandatory Training
  • Reading
  • Tardies
Began drafting curriculum revisions for Monday's submission. reviewed:
  • Scale, proportion and quantity
  • Structure and function
  • Stability and change
Office: ERS
ERS: 95
CC: 5

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Spent the morning welcoming kids and parents.

Attended the parent coffee.

Made it around to every room.  Had the opportunity to introduce myself to some, more to come the rest of the week.

Had a skype call with the Chesterfield Day school about Standards Based Grading.

Facilitated a lockdown at school.

created sign up form for birthday parties in the cafeteria

Downloaded MAP data by school. (this took forever in 1. remembering how to log in and 2. finding the data.)

Answered emails as time allowed...

Messed up the sign up cafeteria form :-0

Facilitated dismissal

Sent email invitation about SS vertical team:

"Welcome back to a great new school year!

Let this serve as your invitation to our first (of four) Social Studies Vertical Team meeting! Please RSVP if you're able to attend.

All interested parties that teach or support instruction from PRE-Kindergarten to graduation.  A desirable “quorum” would be educators from Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High School.  In addition we would benefit from attendance from coordinators, coaches, administrators and others that support Social Studies experiences.

Topics to be discussed:
1.  Review and revise timeline to curriculum implementation K-8 and any updates from WGHS
2.  Revise articulation of content P-12 to determine points of emphasis (need to know/nice to know) at each grade level/content.
3.  Set agendas for future gatherings.


• WGHS PD Room (Off the Library)

• Teachers will be able to define the vertical alignment of concepts and communicate the beliefs about Social Studies from Pre-Kindergarten to graduation.

Determined Need:
• Elementary grade level teachers requesting support or assistance with content.
• Duplication of content from grade level to grade level.
• Lack of knowledge of what is taught where/when.
• Inconsistencies of expectations.
• Inconsistencies of grade level vocabulary.

• To have a team of people charged with the desire to define what it looks like for students to learn Social Studies through both content and process.
• To develop a belief system about Social Studies in the Webster Groves school district.
• To vision what the future of Social Studies education will be for statesmen and stateswomen.
• To align our teaching of concepts, skills, and outcomes kindergarten through graduation.
• To define our expectations at each grade level.
• To develop mentorship model across specialities.
• To build community.
• To build a cohesive team of educators.

• To increase communication and eliminate isolation."

Office: ERS
ERS: 90%
CC: 10%

Thursday, August 7, 2014

8/7 ERS, WGHS, CO, Steger

Started the day with the insurance meeting that ended up being canceled.

I started the M.U.S.I.C. video.  I then put in tech reqs and fixed SMARTboards that weren't working, etc.

I attended a acceleration meeting at Steger.

I went to WGHS to get the Science kits out of the PD room to be delivered to the various schools.

I then headed back over to ERS.

Stopped by CO to meet with the Asst. Supt about the Friday Presentation.

I walked around the school getting the school ready for "Meet the Teacher."

I finalized the required training documents and submitted them to HR.

I attended the "Meet the Teacher" time from 2-3.

I began working on the "BINDER" 2.0.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Started the day at WGHS for the district Kick-off event.

Headed over to ERS to go through the materials necessary to start the school year.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Started the day at WGHS, worked on:

Headed over to CO to:
  • Work on logistics for opening day game
  • Create and edit "I aspire" video
Headed to ERS to:
  • Set up for opening activities
  • Set up library
  • Met with New Teachers
  • Worked with Tech person to discuss simulcasting a video
  • Made this:

  • Set up stations for Mandatory Training.
  • Answered emails
  • Finalized Student Panel for Friday's activities.

Monday, August 4, 2014


Started the day at the New Teacher district meetings.  Afterwords we met with the director of technology to go over the responsibilites of the new tech-aide positions.

I then headed over to Edgar Road.  I hung up pictures and decorated the office.  Hand informal conversations with staff.

I ran through the AMAZING RACE activity to get a feeling for timing.  Then created this presentation to set the stage:

I then worked on:

  • Making images of books for ERS
  • Sent dates to building principals about days in buildings
  • Sent details about after school meetings and release dates to Hixson Dept Chairs.
  • Put Sept and October meetings and dates into my calendar (see below)
  • Cleaned up my desktop (on the computer)
  • cleaned off desk of papers and added to my reminders app to do list items for tomorrow
  • Sent over MODEL map data
  • Left at 3:50 to go pick up the t-shirt Cannon

Calendar Dates:


4 and 5 – New Teacher
5 - Board of Education Meeting and Dinner
6 – OPENING DAY!  Attend ERS meetings (7pm Kindergarten Meeting)
7 - Attend ERS Open house 2-3pm
8 - Attend District professional development sessions
11 - Strategic Planning (After School)
15 - Coordinator Retreat
20 - Social Studies vertical team meeting 1 (After School)
21 - DLT meeting, Open House (after school)
22 - Coordinator Meeting AM only
26 - Spend the day at Hixson
26 - Flip Teaching Meeting 1 (After School)
27 - Science vertical team meeting 1 (After School)
28 - PM 7th Science Field trip to Blackburn park
29 - Coordinator Meeting / ERS PD day


3 - Spend the day at Steger/Computer School
4 - Hudson MAP report
5 - Coordinator Meeting AM only
9 - 9am Aides Meeting, then head over to Grade level Meeting - 5
10 - Grade Level Meeting - 4
11 - Grade Level Meeting - 3
12 - Coordinator Meeting, SSLC meeting
15 - Grade Level Meeting - 2
16 - Grade Level Meeting - 1
17 - Grade Level Meeting - K
19 - Coordinator Meeting AM only
23 - ERS Faculty meeting
24 - Flip Teaching Meeting 2 (After School)
26 - Special Education Leaders Academy
27 - SSLC meeting at STOM

Friday, August 1, 2014

7/31 New Teacher

Worked through this resource with New Teachers while also driving back and forth in breaks from New Teachers to attend the District Leadership Team Meetings: