Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Spent the morning welcoming kids and parents.

Attended the parent coffee.

Made it around to every room.  Had the opportunity to introduce myself to some, more to come the rest of the week.

Had a skype call with the Chesterfield Day school about Standards Based Grading.

Facilitated a lockdown at school.

created sign up form for birthday parties in the cafeteria

Downloaded MAP data by school. (this took forever in 1. remembering how to log in and 2. finding the data.)

Answered emails as time allowed...

Messed up the sign up cafeteria form :-0

Facilitated dismissal

Sent email invitation about SS vertical team:

"Welcome back to a great new school year!

Let this serve as your invitation to our first (of four) Social Studies Vertical Team meeting! Please RSVP if you're able to attend.

All interested parties that teach or support instruction from PRE-Kindergarten to graduation.  A desirable “quorum” would be educators from Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High School.  In addition we would benefit from attendance from coordinators, coaches, administrators and others that support Social Studies experiences.

Topics to be discussed:
1.  Review and revise timeline to curriculum implementation K-8 and any updates from WGHS
2.  Revise articulation of content P-12 to determine points of emphasis (need to know/nice to know) at each grade level/content.
3.  Set agendas for future gatherings.


• WGHS PD Room (Off the Library)

• Teachers will be able to define the vertical alignment of concepts and communicate the beliefs about Social Studies from Pre-Kindergarten to graduation.

Determined Need:
• Elementary grade level teachers requesting support or assistance with content.
• Duplication of content from grade level to grade level.
• Lack of knowledge of what is taught where/when.
• Inconsistencies of expectations.
• Inconsistencies of grade level vocabulary.

• To have a team of people charged with the desire to define what it looks like for students to learn Social Studies through both content and process.
• To develop a belief system about Social Studies in the Webster Groves school district.
• To vision what the future of Social Studies education will be for statesmen and stateswomen.
• To align our teaching of concepts, skills, and outcomes kindergarten through graduation.
• To define our expectations at each grade level.
• To develop mentorship model across specialities.
• To build community.
• To build a cohesive team of educators.

• To increase communication and eliminate isolation."

Office: ERS
ERS: 90%
CC: 10%

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