Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22 ERS

Started the day recording this video in preparation for Grade Level Team Meetings on 8/29:

Then met with Math and ELA coordinators to plan the Hudson MAP data day FOUND HERE

I then met with building principal to discuss the days events.

Supervised 4th grade recess.

Went outside with 2nd grade PE

Went outside with 4th grade PE.

Supervised conversation with community member.

Worked on iObservation schedule for the staff.

Logged in to iObservation.

Reviewed comments about settings on a google community.

Sent email about 8/29.
"Hi all,

Just wanted to give you some more details and set expectations for the morning of 8/29.

FYI:  We will be joined by the staff from Clark Elementary.  

IMPORTANT:  We will start right at 8am.  Please join us at 7:45 for a light breakfast in the atrium area outside the gym.
THOUGHT:  This experience is active so please come dressed comfortably.

Below is the experience we had as a district leadership team this past summer. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what to expect.

The morning will start with a presentation from the WG police department.  They will set the stage for the experience of the day and go over statistics, objectives, strategies, details, etc.  They have an extensive powerpoint.

Next you'll join a team and learn a valuable strategy for an active shooter situation called "Barricading a door."

You'll come back together in a large group and discuss the experience and prepare for the next experience.

Afterwards you'll head back to the team room and be faced with an active shooter simulation.  During this experience you will be required to make a decision based on information as to whether or not to once again barricade the door or exit the building.

We'll wrap up and process the experience, discuss what happened, discuss emotions and ask questions.

Please understand this whole experience is set up to inform and arm you with knowledge.  This experience will also allow you time to think about how we'll protect our kids should a crisis situation like this happen at our school.

Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask."

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