Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2/26 2nd Grade, Drafting curriculum

Started the day working with 2nd grade social studies facilitators.  We reviewed and updated the document and posted them to the server.

After they left I reviewed and updated the Science document for 2nd grade.

Wrapped up the day writing 6th and 7th grade social studies Curriculum drafts.

2/25 5th Grade, Superhero party

Worked with facilitators to review 5th Grade Science and Social Studies units.

Updates of the curriculum were posted to the CNI server.

After school headed over to Hudson for the Superhero Party.  What fun!  And I totally pulled off that outfit!

Monday, February 24, 2014

2/24 WGHS

Drafted MS Science topics

Moved 3rd grade Weather and climate to 2nd grade and swapped it with Processes that shape the Earth.  This better aligns with Social Studies.

Drafted Agenda for Science Middle School meeting.

Printed and made copies for 5th grade facilitators.

Arranged room for meeting.

Printed and made copies for 2nd grade facilitators.

Printed and made copies for 4th grade facilitators.

Printed and made copies of 3rd Grade facilitators.

Printed and made copies for Middle School Science and Social Studies meetings.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/19 Hudson Science observations

Worked with Hudson teachers

Used this lesson plan:

Peer Observations
February 19th
Grades K-2 Teachers
o Observation Protocol
o Lesson Analysis Template
9:00-10:00:  Observe (Foley/Ranek)
10:00-10:30:  Team to debrief and complete the Lesson Analysis Template
10:30-11:30:  Meeting with Chris McGee

Grades 3-5 Teachers
12:00-1:00 Meet with Chris McGee
o Observation Protocol
o Lesson Analysis Template
1:30-2:30:  Observe Pitlyk
2:30-3:00:  Team to debrief and complete the Lesson Analysis Template

Worked through Lesson Analysis template here:

2/18 WGHS

Wrote Middle School science curriculum for Biological sciences.

Prepped for Hudson full day

Worked with Fine arts teachers on curriculum drafts.


Friday, February 14, 2014

2/14 Edgar Road, Hixson, WGHS

Started the day at Edgar Road.  I was there to share the science and social studies curriculum updates and the progress to date.

Afterwords headed over to Hixson.  I met with 8th grade science and walked around to the other teams to check in.

Then headed to WGHS.  I worked with AP physics and completed curriculum writing for that course.  I then headed to my office to review AP chemistry.

Headed over to work with Hudson principal to plan science observation day.

2/13 Fine Arts, Avery, Wghs, Hudson, CO

Started the day with a meeting with an Art professor at Webster University discussing the role of art in STEM or science ed.

Met with a 4th grade teacher at Avery about Discovery TechBooks.  Facilitated conversation with district Asst. Supt. around the implementation of a district resource such as Techbook.

Headed over to WGHS to:
1.  Wrap up Panel of flippers
2.  go through email
3.  Read Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
4.  responded to emails
5.  Set up Edgar Road Day
6. Set up buses for Hixson Arcade

Headed over to Hudson to meet with MYLOGO and 3rd grade team to prepare for field trip.  It will be based on this template:

Chose the multiple questions so each group gets a different topic.

Wrapped up the day meeting with Lindenwood University, the middle school admininstrators and the nTH Gear project.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2/6 WGHS

Worked at organizing items on computer (a little housekeeping).
Drafted 1/3 of the MS science curriculum.
responded to email
Wrote this post on map making:
Headed over to Edgar Road to pick up boxes.

7 Map Making Tools

Best Sites for Making a map?  I know you're thinking "There's nothing like paper and pencils!!!!" but what if you want to make this map ONLINE. Cue the dramatic music...

Here are some of my favorites, add yours in the comments!


2. (Because everything Google does is awesome)



5. (There's an app for that)

6. National Geographic!

7. One of my favorites, if we already have the data.

2/4 Steger, Computer School

Spent the day with students and teachers at Steger Computer school.

Monday, February 3, 2014

2/3 Hixson, WGHS

Started the day at Hixson with the Harmony team talking about 20% time

Afterwords headed over to WGHS to:

Headed over to PDC (iDEA) and watched: