Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/27 WGHS

Scanned documents and cleaned up desk

Hosted Teleconference with Discovery Ed.

Techbook is customizable - Missouri Version and national version

Rockwood, Parkway piloting them

Provide support as apart of the implementation.  Webex and or live meeting when in the area.

Professional development is key.  Support for teachers is next in line.  Start with fewer grades and fewer schools.

School based model is most successful.

Where do we start? Start with 6 year pricing and techbook can be paid for over multiple years.

Social Studies - 6 years = $48/student,  1st year= $17/student, 2-6= $6/student/year

Science - Middle School 6 years $38/student
Elementary 6 Years $30/student

Fundamental change - Setting up transformation in process.

Worked with District Tech Director to find district contacts, then recorded this video:

Finally chatted with about dry erase boards

Updated 4th grade social studies files.  Set agenda for updating the rest of the files.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26 Edgar Road Day

Awesome day!
Teachers signed up here:

Chatted with 5th grade teacher about Science fair.

Invesitgated tweentribune, tuebl and rewordify for creative ideas around reading.

Met with 3rd grade teacher piloting science and social studies units.

Played Jeopardy about rocks and Earth's processes in 4th grade.

Chatted with teacher about the SCI/SS curriculum draft process

Discussed Kindergarten Science and Social Studies and set up work email on her phone :-)

Did some science lesson on Viscosity in 1st grade

Friday, November 22, 2013

11/22 NCSS day 2

Started the day with a coordinator meeting.

Headed down to NCSS conference.

Tweets from the day here:

Learning documented here:

11/21 NCSS day 1

Started the day at WGHS cleaning up the Science curriculum day, answering emails etc.

Headed down to the NCSS conference.

Registered and led tour from Convention Center to Busch Stadium.  Met with owner, lead architect for Hall of fame, VIP tour and wrapped up with a discussion and investigation of Cardinals CAP program.
Details here:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/20 6-8 Science Collaboration Day

Spent the day with 6-8 grade science teachers.

Presentation used for the workshop here:

6th Grade discussed Summative Assessments

7th Grade Discussed their Weather Unit
Details Here:

8th Grade:
Skyped with a Vernier Expert
and met with Physics teacher at WGHS

Every grade level reviewed the Curriculum Drafts using the protocol found HERE and reviewed the timeline for implementation.

At the end of the day we began the conversation about "What goes where" in regards to science curriculum 6-8th grade.

We looked at various models proposed by the Next Generation Science Standards in Appendix K.

Here is that document:

Thoughts for next time included:
  • Share the unit progression prototypes
  • Google Apps in class
  • collaboration time
  • sharing of probeware across grade levels
  • add middle school to the drafts instead grade level?

Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18 SS Collaboration Day

Facilitated collaboration of SS 6-8.

While I wasn't being used in the morning I:

Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11 Office Day

Worked on Finalizing the agendas for 6-8 Science and Social Studies.

Emailed out the Vertical Team invite for science.

Met with Discovery Ed about WG data and Discovery Techbook

Completed DRAFT timelines for Science and Social Studies Curriculum implementation

Watched this on Authentic Assessment:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/7 WGHS, Avery

7am meeting with principal of Hixson.

Set up meeting times for METC presentation collaborators.

Improved DRAFT of 2nd grade SCI/SS

Read PDK article on Innovation

Attended a meeting where I got a BIG check:

Packed up resources to go over to meet with 2nd grade at Avery.  The meeting wasn't today, it's on 11/25.  Whomp, whomp....

11/6 3rd grade facilitators

Met with 3rd grade facilitators to:

Review curriculum draft using this protocol:

Science improved 3 units

Social studies worked on 3 unites around one theme communities.

Current DRAFT version is 3.  Updated versions were loaded to CNI and emailed to facilitators.

11/5 WGHS


Supported WGHS teachers in curriculum drafting.

Worked on updated K, 1 to new formatting.

6:30 met with iDEA and the "Geek squad" tech team, notes found here:

Monday, November 4, 2013

11/4 Steger Computer School, WGHS, Strategic Planning

I spent the day at Steger/Computer school.

I read to 6th grade about simple machines.

Watched a lesson on types of motion.

Helped with Technology in Social Studies.

Watched a lesson on learning from 5th grade:

Sat at at Kindergarten station during their daily 5.

Worked with a Social Studies teacher.

Watched a Forces video with 3rd grade.

Ate lunch in the frozen tundra of the Staff lounge.

Played Edheads Simple Machines

Watched marshmallow catapults in AE

 After School headed over to WGHS to meet with designers at 3:30.

Strategic Planning meeting begins at 5:30.

Friday, November 1, 2013

11/1 WGHS, Hudson, WGHS

Started the day by working through emails

Set up 3rd grade facilitator day

Started the day by working on 7th grade social studies learning goals and proficiency scales

At lunch we met as coordinators at Hudson to plan Hudson Vertical day.

Plan is to focus on vocabulary.

Teachers will be able to:

  • Identify discipline specific vocabulary.
  • Create vocabulary games/activities as formative assessment.
  • Design structures to make data-based decisions around vocabulary.

180 minutes

60 Minutes each section

Set up google doc by discipline, have "building vocabulary" from Hudson, and Building Academy vocabulary by Pickering/Marzano

60 Minutes

Share: Chris makes Taboo, Susan brings math pictionary, Julie brings find someone who.

Using games as formative assessments: 
How would you use this game/activity to inform practice or instruction?

60 Minutes

Create vocabulary-based activities/games

Headed back over to WGHS to start work on 8th grade Social studies Curriculum writing.  I didn't finish but made a good start.

10/31 WGHS

Drafted 1st draft of Social Studies for 6th grade

Used Model Curriculum for guidance.

Met with Curriculum draft principal to review Kindergarten Curriculum drafts and advise future drafts.