Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/27 WGHS

Scanned documents and cleaned up desk

Hosted Teleconference with Discovery Ed.

Techbook is customizable - Missouri Version and national version

Rockwood, Parkway piloting them

Provide support as apart of the implementation.  Webex and or live meeting when in the area.

Professional development is key.  Support for teachers is next in line.  Start with fewer grades and fewer schools.

School based model is most successful.

Where do we start? Start with 6 year pricing and techbook can be paid for over multiple years.

Social Studies - 6 years = $48/student,  1st year= $17/student, 2-6= $6/student/year

Science - Middle School 6 years $38/student
Elementary 6 Years $30/student

Fundamental change - Setting up transformation in process.

Worked with District Tech Director to find district contacts, then recorded this video:

Finally chatted with about dry erase boards

Updated 4th grade social studies files.  Set agenda for updating the rest of the files.

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