Thursday, February 28, 2013

2/28 Revenue, WGHS, ER

Attended the Publicity sub-commitee this morning at 7am.

Afterwords met with HS Dept. Chair to discuss how to write essentials and to review work completed.

Went back to Edgar Road to:

and watched this video:

Met with IQWST representative regarding resources they have for middle school science
Used this site:
clicked log in as guest using password iqwstx

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Using Learning Goals in 3rd grade

Our district is working on Learning Goals as an emphasis from K-12.  We are using The Art and Science of Teaching as our model.

These learning goals are constructed from our Missouri Grade Level Expectations.

So this process of developing learning goals for classrooms brings about amazing opportunities for demonstrating great work by educators.

Below is Betsy Guthrey's third grade class.  She developed a proficiency scale for this learning goal:

Students will be able to compare how where you live affects how you live.

4 - Student accurately describes how Environment/Climate affect (all three) clothing/food/housing
3 - Student accurately describes how Environment/Climate affect (two) clothing/food/housing
2 - Student accurately describes how Environment/Climate affect (one) clothing/food/housing
1 - Student accurately describes how Environment/Climate 

After our conversation we proposed a student formative assessment opportunity.  

We created a graphic:

We added it to our proficiency scale.  Then we posted that scale in the room.  When proposing the learning goal as a question.

Based on this student performance was drastically improved.

Below are examples of student work:

This student was developing in their knowledge.  Before, this student wouldn't have been able to answer anything in a written format.  In this case Mrs. Guthrey decided to allow the student to simply tell her what they know about the topic, she wrote down the information.

In this scenario below the student needed differentiation strategies to allow them to communicate what they knew without being held back from a diagnosis of difficulty with written expression.  Mrs. Guthrey provided the scaffolding of the boxes and numbers to provide the student with the opportunity to demonstrate what they knew.  The addition of the boxes allowed the student the necessary tools to be successful and met the grade level expectation.

This student didn't need any scaffolding, also didn't need to write a ton and demonstrated and understanding of the content.

After this assessment the student below demonstrated partial mastery and needed either more time or more scaffolding to be successful.  Conversations with this student are ongoing.

And of course no set of examples would be complete without an exemplar.  This student has never written this much but having the rubric available gave the student the inspiration to write a ton.  This is truly amazing for a 3rd grader!

After looking over this student work we had a conversation around these following questions:

  1. What do we notice about the student work that supports our proficiency scale?
  2. What do we notice about student work that was an unintended consequence of the proficiency scale?
  3. What worked on our scale?
  4. What didn't work from our scale?
  5. Do we see a true depth of knowledge increase as we move up our scale?  Does the increasing depth of knowledge increase student engagement?
  6. Is the "4" of labeling all three really stretching to a transfer level?  If not, is the a question or experience that we could add to reach the transfer level of understanding?

Since then many more proficiency scales have been completed, here is one more example.  You tell us, does it answer our questions above?  

I'm excited to see where this goes next!!!  Way to go Betsy!

2/27 7th Grade Science

Met with 7th grade Science for a curriculum workday:


Completed resources:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/26 Edgar Road, CO, Hixson

Read articles:

Answered emails highlighted by:

  • Connected with Gateway Greening refgaridng collaborating with 3rd grade class
  • Connected 3rd grade class with Preservation research corp
  • Set up Day at Hudson on 3/6
  • Proposed day at Clark on 3/4

Prepped for 7th grade Science Meeting

  • Copied WC Map
  • Copied WC assessment
  • Copied Next Gen
  • Copied How to read
  • Copied and Made Sorting activity
  • Copied DOK
  • Organized in folders
  • Copied 7th Goals
  • Copied MS GLEs
Finalize Science Probes, Post to server, made handout for email

Met with Simpson at 1

Met with 8th grade science re: Challenge based learning
  • Discussed iLearn2gether
  • Watched video:

Met with Pearson Rep for science resource selection

Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25 Edgar Road, Parkway, Mentor, MS Science, Hudson

Started the day at Edgar Road, organizing, answering emails setting up tasks for the week.

Found these great resources via

  • Google Course Builder - An open source codebase that lets you build your own online courses. Require some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  • ForAllRubrics - Who doesn't love a good rubric? This online service helps you construct rubrics of any kind, then print and save them.
  • Electric Slide - Host your presentations online with a unique URL you can share with anyone. The presentation happens in real-time.
  • MathBoard - A versatile and adjustable math app that can fit a wide range of needs and learning styles.
  • TeachQuest - Once called Teachbook, this social network is made specifically for teachers. Includes tools for creating and sharing lesson plans.

Went over to Parkway to meet with the Social Studies coordinator, we discussed:

  • Articulation:  What to teach when
  • What changes are coming with C3 standards
  • What is WG doing "right" where can we improve
  • Where can we support one another
  • What is Parkway using?
  • What is Parkway doing?
  • How are trade books supported?
  • How to move from checkboxes to question marks
Came back to meet with 3rd grade teacher to get samples, issues, areas of success, etc.

Started a blog post on Using learning goals in 3rd grade

Met with Hixson facilitator to work on completing the Weather and Climate resources, clean up and prepare for 7th grade meeting.

Went over to Hudson to meet with Trade book lady to find resources to support non fiction reading in Science/Social Studies.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/19 Edgar Road, WGHS

Today was a great day at Edgar Road:

  • Answered emails
  • planned 7th grade grade level meeting day
  • met with 3rd grade teacher to outline more social studies objectives and learning goals
  • Attended a webinar on "schoology"
  • read through and connected 7th grade goals to GLEs
  • organized and sorted documents to be scanned
  • went over to WGHS to scan TONS of documents

Friday, February 15, 2013

1/15 Edgar, Hixson, Steger

Started the day at Edgar Road working on:

  • cleaning up 6th grade Earth's processes assessment
  • Finalizing conversation about Hypothesis/Prediction
  • Attended staff development on chapters 9 and 10 of Marzano

  • Met with 8th grade SS
  • Planned 3/1 full day
  • Met with 8th science
  • Met 7th science
  • Planned 2/27 full day
  • Met with 7th Social Studies

  • Met with Maryann
  • Discussed orders before the end fo the year
  • discussed survey staff
  • discussed kit sign up process
Mentor meeting
  • Planned summer work
  • discussed summer process
  • discussed days already booked
  • submitted summer work to supervisor
Went to Office Max to cut spine off formative assessment book
Went to Art of Entertainment for gift card for summer food.

Planned weekend work:
  • read first mover workbook
  • submit order for rob
  •  read riverfield stuff
  • Finish riverfield blog post
  • Connect SS/ Sci learning goals on Gdoc
  • How do I use edsurge
  • read internet trends
  • Write internet trends blog post
  • Send thank you emails from EdcampSTL
  • when are the next facilitator meetings, agenda, space
  • when are the next vertical team meetings, agenda, space
  • work on Weather/climate assessment
  • Finish PLN session
  • Finish Science Kit sign up
  • add consumables to sign up sheet sight
  • Blog post Electricity project
  • prep for Edcamp wrap up hangout
  • record writing a learning goal video
  • review and reply for Monsanto
  • Target walmart purchase orders
  • GLE and goals for Presidents govt 3rd grade Sunday
  • GLEs for SS to Vertical topics

Elementary Kit Question

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2/14 WGHS, ER, Hudson, Hixson

Started the day at WGHS meeting with Building principal to discuss the roll-out of the Next Generation science standards.

I went back to Edgar Road to:

  • Unpack from full day curriculum
  • unpack from EdcampSTL
  • Go through snail mail
  • Made contact with Gateway Greening for 3rd grade project
  • Investigated Science fair
  • Investigated Prediction vs hypothesis
  • Scheduled textbook conversation for Glencoe
  • Met with 3rd grade teacher about essentials and proficiency scales
  • Scheduled meeting with IQWST people
  • Confirmed spaces for full day curriculum workshops
  • Made contact with Scholastic resource person

Went over to Hudson to:
  • Meet with ELA coordinator to discuss essentials and proficiency scales
  • Got and FNP done on me :-) 98% fluency
Went over to Hixson to meet with 8th grade social studies about maps

Went home to:
  • Go through book list from Scholastic for resources for 5th grade chemical interactions
  • continue to work on todo list

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/12 METC day two

Attended METC conference at St. Charles Convention center.  Presented on Social networking:

Here are my takeaways from the day:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/12 METC Day 1

Attended METC conference in St. Charles.

Presented on Flipteaching in the classroom

Here are my takeways from the day:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2/6 Steger, District LMT meeting

Started the day by picking up resources at Edgar Road

Stopped by Central office to pick up projectors

Picked up breakfast

Facilitated 6th grade curriculum workday.  Determined:

Essential Goal(s)
 Students will investigate interactions between organisms and their environments over time.

1.     Students will be able to explain how variations within a population increase some individuals’ probability of surviving, resulting in change in species over time.
2.     Students will be able to explain interdependence in ecosystems.
3.     Students will be able to use models to show the cycling of matter and energy in ecosystems.
4.     Students will be able to cite evidence about how a disruption will change an ecosystem and develop a plan to restore the ecosystem.

Essential Learning Goal:

Students will investigate internal and external processes that constantly change the surface of the Earth.

1.     Identify components and properties of soil and water.
2.     Describe how external (both human and natural) processes change the surface of the earth.
3.     Describe how internal processes change the surface of the earth
4.     Explain how various rock types are formed.
5.     Explain the types of fossils and how they are formed
6.     Use rock and fossil evidence to make inferences about changes on the Earth.

After school headed over to CO for District LMT meeting:

PDC notes on Google Apps:


Tech Planning:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/5 Edgar Road, Hixson

Prepped for EdcampSTL

  • Copied Guest log in
  • Copied building map
  • Made room signs
  • Tec req for projectors
  • Created Prize presentation
  • Contact Food Service
  • Organized Prizes

Prepped for 6th grade science Full day tomorrow
  • Organized snacks and drinks
  • Copied agenda
  • Copied assessments and scoring guides
  • put together folders
Worked on Science kit reservations for Quarter 1

Went to Hixson for 8th grade Science meeting

Stayed after for 2nd and 3rd year teacher planning

Went to Target to get a cooler

At home:
  • Emails, tons and tons of emails
  • Finish quarters 2, 3, and 4 for kit sign ups
  • Read chapter 4 of Never work harder
  • Starting activity ranking the intelligent behaviors. 
  • Make google doc
  • Submit Reimbursement from target
  • Submit request for materials from Flinn/Fischer

2/4 Steger, ER, PDC

Spent the morning at Steger working with 6th grade world studies.

I helped students with the East Asia project and worked with the teacher on how to revise/improve the project.  Here's the scoring guide as it sits now:

We discussed:

  • Letter to parents - too many words, scoring guide on the back, let that speak.
  • Guidelines
  • One thing as the checklist, calendar for you displayed in the room.  Cross off with them
  • Scoring guide focused on the product and not the learning.
  • Where’s the reflection?  Where’s the uncovered learning/thinking?
  • Video of example of expectation and exemplar, let them score it.
  • You make one.
  • Phases – Earn cards to move form phase to phase
  • IDEA:  Scoring guide paper with blank sections, earn the next phase scoring guide after first phase is done.
  • Students read and submit journal entry on what they notice, see and questions they have.
  • Checklist is AWESOME!
  • Everything including research/journals spaces.
  • Why not Wikipedia?  Use it to start, cross reference with others…
  • While researching have word or docs open to copy/paste websites and book titles for use with later.
Copied for 6th grade Science meeting:
  • MS GLEs
  • NGSS for Ecology
  • Ecology GLEs
  • Earth's Process Assessment
  • Earth's Process goals
Handled a Edcamp Miscue

Worked on 1st quarter sign ups:
- Made accounts for 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter.

Went over to CO for PDC meeting.