Monday, February 25, 2013

2/25 Edgar Road, Parkway, Mentor, MS Science, Hudson

Started the day at Edgar Road, organizing, answering emails setting up tasks for the week.

Found these great resources via

  • Google Course Builder - An open source codebase that lets you build your own online courses. Require some knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  • ForAllRubrics - Who doesn't love a good rubric? This online service helps you construct rubrics of any kind, then print and save them.
  • Electric Slide - Host your presentations online with a unique URL you can share with anyone. The presentation happens in real-time.
  • MathBoard - A versatile and adjustable math app that can fit a wide range of needs and learning styles.
  • TeachQuest - Once called Teachbook, this social network is made specifically for teachers. Includes tools for creating and sharing lesson plans.

Went over to Parkway to meet with the Social Studies coordinator, we discussed:

  • Articulation:  What to teach when
  • What changes are coming with C3 standards
  • What is WG doing "right" where can we improve
  • Where can we support one another
  • What is Parkway using?
  • What is Parkway doing?
  • How are trade books supported?
  • How to move from checkboxes to question marks
Came back to meet with 3rd grade teacher to get samples, issues, areas of success, etc.

Started a blog post on Using learning goals in 3rd grade

Met with Hixson facilitator to work on completing the Weather and Climate resources, clean up and prepare for 7th grade meeting.

Went over to Hudson to meet with Trade book lady to find resources to support non fiction reading in Science/Social Studies.

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