Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/5 Edgar Road, Hixson

Prepped for EdcampSTL

  • Copied Guest log in
  • Copied building map
  • Made room signs
  • Tec req for projectors
  • Created Prize presentation
  • Contact Food Service
  • Organized Prizes

Prepped for 6th grade science Full day tomorrow
  • Organized snacks and drinks
  • Copied agenda
  • Copied assessments and scoring guides
  • put together folders
Worked on Science kit reservations for Quarter 1

Went to Hixson for 8th grade Science meeting

Stayed after for 2nd and 3rd year teacher planning

Went to Target to get a cooler

At home:
  • Emails, tons and tons of emails
  • Finish quarters 2, 3, and 4 for kit sign ups
  • Read chapter 4 of Never work harder
  • Starting activity ranking the intelligent behaviors. 
  • Make google doc
  • Submit Reimbursement from target
  • Submit request for materials from Flinn/Fischer

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