Friday, February 15, 2013

1/15 Edgar, Hixson, Steger

Started the day at Edgar Road working on:

  • cleaning up 6th grade Earth's processes assessment
  • Finalizing conversation about Hypothesis/Prediction
  • Attended staff development on chapters 9 and 10 of Marzano

  • Met with 8th grade SS
  • Planned 3/1 full day
  • Met with 8th science
  • Met 7th science
  • Planned 2/27 full day
  • Met with 7th Social Studies

  • Met with Maryann
  • Discussed orders before the end fo the year
  • discussed survey staff
  • discussed kit sign up process
Mentor meeting
  • Planned summer work
  • discussed summer process
  • discussed days already booked
  • submitted summer work to supervisor
Went to Office Max to cut spine off formative assessment book
Went to Art of Entertainment for gift card for summer food.

Planned weekend work:
  • read first mover workbook
  • submit order for rob
  •  read riverfield stuff
  • Finish riverfield blog post
  • Connect SS/ Sci learning goals on Gdoc
  • How do I use edsurge
  • read internet trends
  • Write internet trends blog post
  • Send thank you emails from EdcampSTL
  • when are the next facilitator meetings, agenda, space
  • when are the next vertical team meetings, agenda, space
  • work on Weather/climate assessment
  • Finish PLN session
  • Finish Science Kit sign up
  • add consumables to sign up sheet sight
  • Blog post Electricity project
  • prep for Edcamp wrap up hangout
  • record writing a learning goal video
  • review and reply for Monsanto
  • Target walmart purchase orders
  • GLE and goals for Presidents govt 3rd grade Sunday
  • GLEs for SS to Vertical topics

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