Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2/6 Steger, District LMT meeting

Started the day by picking up resources at Edgar Road

Stopped by Central office to pick up projectors

Picked up breakfast

Facilitated 6th grade curriculum workday.  Determined:

Essential Goal(s)
 Students will investigate interactions between organisms and their environments over time.

1.     Students will be able to explain how variations within a population increase some individuals’ probability of surviving, resulting in change in species over time.
2.     Students will be able to explain interdependence in ecosystems.
3.     Students will be able to use models to show the cycling of matter and energy in ecosystems.
4.     Students will be able to cite evidence about how a disruption will change an ecosystem and develop a plan to restore the ecosystem.

Essential Learning Goal:

Students will investigate internal and external processes that constantly change the surface of the Earth.

1.     Identify components and properties of soil and water.
2.     Describe how external (both human and natural) processes change the surface of the earth.
3.     Describe how internal processes change the surface of the earth
4.     Explain how various rock types are formed.
5.     Explain the types of fossils and how they are formed
6.     Use rock and fossil evidence to make inferences about changes on the Earth.

After school headed over to CO for District LMT meeting:

PDC notes on Google Apps:


Tech Planning:

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