Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30 Coordinator Meeting, Social Studies Network

Started the day finishing up the day's post from activity from 11/29 seen here...

Went through TONS of e-mail since I was engaged in training the previous day.

Attended the coordinator meeting at Central Office at 8:30:
  • update
  • Edline
  • Walkthroughs
  • APR
  • CNI server
  • January 4th PD day

Read 10 characteristics of authentic learning.

Finalized resources for Monday's Next Generation Science presentation held in Board room.
Set up a 5th grade work day with Hudson/Clark.

Checked out resources from

Read/Watched 5 minute film festival on twitter:

Attended the Social Studies Network held at CSD.

CCSSO - sponsoring work for Social studies

NEVER creating a national set of standards for the social studies

C3 framework is a state led framework for interpreting the CCSS standards through social studies

Shared goals: Civics, Geography, Economics, and History

Fewer, higher, clearer

emphasis on skill and dicliplinary thinking instead of content

Goal: produce better citizens
Qualities of citizenship

Dimensions and Inquiry Arc of the C3 Framework

1 - Developing questions and planning investigations
2 - Applying tools and concepts
3 - Gathering, evaluating, using evidence
4 - action!

Teach CIVICS not Political science.  Framework is not without content but on disciplinary thinking.

CCSSO cooperating to figure out how to apply frame work to specific state standards, emphasize teaching ELA through social studies.

PLAN - full framework to come out spring 2013.

Clarification and more found at and the C3 framework

p.59 CCSS ELA reference (Social studies people felt that

All the ELA stuff  - Science and Social Studies are the avenue to which ELA standards are to be applied.

They don't imagine significant changing in the content and grade level teaching particular content matter.

Framework is at the National Level, standards are at the state level.

What is the process of citizenship not just rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  Use their knowledge of history, etc to impact their role now.  How do we impact and sustain groups....

Conversation LACKING around how to assess thinking skills and turn it into data.

Multiple choice test scores go up when students are asked to write and produce writing work.

Framework for NCSS:

Reflected on Oklahoma's C3 standards:

MOCHE offerings:

  • Historian on call....Available to help with PD and teacher context
  • CCSS support
After the meeting I made connections with the Social Studies coordinators of Mehlville and Parkway with the intent of collaboration in curriculum development.

I then went home to wrap up e-mails and set up the to-do list for the weekend:
  • Order materials for 3d grade science force and motion
  • Finalize Monday's Next Generation Science standards presentation
  • wrap up science facilitators
  • prepare for vertical team meetings
  • prepare for social studies facilitator meeting
  • Read Science iOs and investigate with materials
  • Read resources from Social Studies Network meeting
  • continue working on 5th grade social studies learning goals and essentials
  • wrap up PBLU course
  • assess 8th grade resource for resource adoption process
  • Finalize acceleration assessment for 1st grade student
  • order resources from Nystrom
  • Write WAR blog post

11/29 Treca Digital Academy, Apple Science iOs Training

I'm a day late on the post due to travel and lack of access to the web.  Please accept my apologies.

Spent the day at Treca Educational Solutions in Marion Ohio.

There I was training on the new full day training called "science iOs"

We used three piece of tech during the session, seen below:

The first piece was verier's labquest 2.  We were trained on how to use the device and the pH probe ware.  Learned how to pair it with a laptop or mobile device and harvet data.  We then used the date to create a media focused lab write up.  Some of the resources from the lab are below:

After investigating with the Labquest we turned our discussion to resources on the iPad.  We learned how to use the Bodelin Proscope.  This device syned with the AirMicroPad app to display and capture amazing images, seen below:


Computer typing

Up my nose





Sweater Fabric

Table top



Computer Screen


We then investigated the Leafsnap and Educreations apps.

The day was wrapped up discussing Mountain Lion Server and how it could be used in the traning and school networks to "turn in" resources from the iPad to the teacher's device.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28 WGHS, Haddock, Science Facilitators

Started the day at WGHS where I assisted in the interview process interviewing candidates for the Technology Support Specialist.

I then met with Chandra Hussey at Haddock:

  • We discussed EdcampSTL
  • We also discussed ebook options
  • We also available handheld options for future consideration

I then prepped for the Science facilitators meeting:

Agenda included: 
General Announcements for all Facilitators:
  • Have you put some resources on the server?  How you downloaded any?  Have you shared your experience with others?

  1. What do we believe about Social Studies/Science?
  2. What do we want kids to believe about Social Students/Science?
  3. What do we NOT want kids to believe about Social Studies/Science
  4. I started

  • Tell you building admin if you’d like to tear apart the MAP data from last year and look for trends.  I’m here to facilitate that process. (Edgar Road Already Started)

Review and complete:
Science Learning Goals

Missouri GLE’s
Discuss Next Gen Topics and Standards
Discuss Vertical Team
This I believe...
Homework/Next time:
  • Beef up the Server
  • Collect assessments and assessment “versions”
  • Share Next Gen standards with teams, look above and below for any possible trades
  • Read, in depth, ONE NGSS for discuss on unit/plan/assessment

Afterwords typed up e-mail and set next time's agenda:

BIG thank you to the science facilitators tonight.  We had yet another great meeting!  We started the meeting off with an update from the various schools.  We then continued our work on our current science essentials.  

The bulk of our time was spent getting acquainted with the first draft of the "Next Generation Science Standards" (also called NGSS or Next Gen).  We watched a video on how to read the standards and took time to look at how the standards are aligned by grade level.  We gave a moment of silence to the Missouri GLE's and set our sights on the future and the "next generation."  

At the next meeting we will investigate at, and around, our grade level and discuss the best possible alignment for the students of Webster Groves.  In future meetings we will take one standard at one grade level and dissect it.  We will discuss a plan of how students will be assessed and can experience a next generation science classroom.


1.  Welcome and intro

2.  Homework check in - Added to learning goals?  Sent out and supported teachers using the server?  Added pieces for collaboration? Brought an assessment to adapt/edit?

3. Read our grade level and the grade level around you.  Make notes (set up document to do this)

4.  Wrap up…

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/27 iBooks Author Pearson Meeting

Spent the day at Hixson...

From 8 - 11:30 presented and facilitated iBooks Author and a discussion of curating our our resources

at 11:30 I met with Pearson Reps to discuss "Interactive Science" and their 5th grade Social studies resources.

At 1:30 I was back at Hixson to repeat the iBooks Author presentation for 8th grade.

Monday, November 26, 2012

11/25 Edgar Road, Coordinator lunch

Started the day watching this video on classroom management:

I added to Edmodo and my "assessing critical thinking" class.

Updated EdcampSTL wiki, sent out reminder for hangout tonight

Fixed Computer and Document Camera for Librarian at ER

Worked with Shari to purchase projector cords for the CNI projector

Emailed Steve Banning and WGHS science teachers regarding shadowing opportunities inside and outside the district.

Met with Jill Right at Hixson to discuss her role and how coordinators can support her tasks at Hixson

Went over the Bristol to deliver and install a map for a kindergarten room.

Went over the WGHS to scan the Rocks, Pebbles, and Silt Binder

Uploaded the pdf to the server

Met with TLC in regards to asking about mirroring the ipad on the laptop using reflection.

Went back to Edgar Road to work on Ibooks Author Presentation

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/21 Edgar Road, Math Facilitator

Started the day today opening up twitter account for the building Principal at Edgar Road

I then attended the 4th grade team meeting where we planned Rock and Minerals, and discussed quickly the upcoming Missouri Unit.

I then went to lunch with Mary Ann to discuss materials, supplies, and progress with the Elementary Kits.

Afterwords I dropped off a binder to Avery and headed over to Steger.  I met with the Math Coordinator to discuss creating an assessment for a student seeking promotion above 2nd grade to 3rd.

Chatted with Noah Stout about helping with EdcampSTL

Afterwords I went back to Edgar road to complete:

  • Hixson Resource Eval
  • Emailed out sustainability resource for the Land Lab
  • Worked on order of a map for a Kindergarten classroom
  • Worked on my Project Based Learning Cetrtification
  • Laid out plans for eMINTS teachers to progress on adding TILS resource to Social Studies and Next Generation Standards
  • Reflected on 8th grade SS curriculum workshop day
  • Started cleaning up 8th grade assessments and resources created at our full day staff development

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/20 TLC, Edgar Road, Door Decorations

Started the day at TLC.  There was a problem with accessing websites from my laptop.  Crisis averted. Also discussed Reflection app, Bonjour Wireless, and the new webnet settings.

Recorded and edited video on how to access the server located here:

Finished removing files from School Center and moving them all over to the CNI server

At 11:30 went over to Avery for their Door Decorating Contest, here are some of my favorites:

After judging went back to Edgar road:

Began working on iBooks Author Experience for 7th and 8th grade teachers at Hixson

Played around a little with Authoring a book using wikipedia:

Watched this video:

Wrote this blog post:

Created iPad app handout for Bristol

Created Assessment for Science and Social Studies learning goals for grade 2, 3, and 4.  This assessment will be administered to a student seeking advanced placement.

Monday, November 19, 2012

11/19 Avery, WGHS, CO, Edgar Road

Started the day picking up a binder from Kindergarten at Avery.

Took the binder to WGHS when I figured out where the copy center was and what it did.  I then scanned the binder and placed the PDF on the server.

I worked at Central office for a while on the Next generation Science standards:

Searched Everywhere for the "new" first draft of the Social Studies standards called C3: College, Career and Civic Life Standards.
Sent reminder for Science facilitators

Emailed teachers at Avery that wanted a globe

Wrote thank you cards for 8th grade Social Studies curriculum work day

Sent e-mail invitation for WASHU workshop on Dec 8th

At the end of the day went over to Hixson to participate in Science and Social studies meeting for 7th grade.
  • 7th grade SS worked on their study guide
  • 7th grade science
    • Discussed survey results
    • Discussed secondary checklist
    • Next steps:
      • iBooks Author on 11/27
      • working on topic list

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/14 Office Hours, Missouri, Nystrom, ETA

Started the day in my office.  Worked on:

  • Getting a new light in my office that seems to have gone out (HELP I'M IN THE DARK)
  • Organized resources for 8th grade Curriculum Workshop on Friday.
  • Contacted Pearson re Edcamp and SciSS Resources
  • Replied to e-mails
  • Emailed 3rd grade Facilitators re Forces Unit
  • Skimmed the new Missouri Teacher Evaluation system
  • Received a call from CPO
    • Sending a teacher's guide and CD's
    • 1 book = 1 online book
    • every 30 books = 1 complete "kit" of materials
    • "complete program"
Met with 4th grade to discuss the Missouri Unit: (I ran late...)

What are the goals?  What are the essential learnings?  WHat are the GLEs?  How do we make a final product that is meaningful to kids?

Missouri GLE's
  • Identify and explain why Missouri has a constitution and why the state makes and enforces laws
  • Describe how authoritative decisions are made, enforced and interpreted within the state government
  • Identify and explain the functions of the three branches of government in the state government
  • Identify and describe the significance of the individuals from Missouri who have made contributions to our state and national heritage; examples include Lewis and Clark, Mary Easton Sibley, John Berry Meacham, Geroge Washington Carver, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mark Twain, Harry S Truman and Thomas Hart Benton
    • Describe the contributions of Thomas Jefferson
  • Locate and describe settlements in Missouri of people of European and African heritage
  • Outline issues of Missouri statehood, such as the Missouri Compromise
  • Summarize the events in westward expansion, including people’s motivation, their hardships, and Missouri as a jumping-off point to the West
  • Sequence and describe the importance of: Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Explain Missouri’s role in the Civil War, i.e., Missouri as a border state
  • Evaluate the impact of westward expansion on the Native American in Missouri
  • Describe the changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation and communication
  • Explain how the state gets the money it needs to provide goods and services, especially by the collection of sales taxes
  • Locate the cities of Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Columbia and St. Joseph
At 10:30 met with the NYSTROM reps to discuss resources.
At 11:15 I dropped off a globe to Clark Elementary

After words I dropped off ROCKS from hixson to Steger for the Rock Cycle unit

The attended the ETA of St. Louis Meeting, Agenda included:
  • Networking
  • Flipping PD
  • Reports
  • Old Business
    • CSD announcements and upcoming events
  • New Business
    • Sponsorship of EdcampSTL - $200

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

11/13 Hudson, Hixson

Spent the day at Hudson Elementary.

Observed science and social studies and chatted with teachers.  Great day.  Hudson ROCKS!

After school went over to Hixson.

At Hixson we discussed resources.  We shared the process of adopting resources.  We planned that on the 27th we will experience iBooks Author and check out iBooks and itunes U options for middle school science.

Monday, November 12, 2012

11/12 Office Hours

Started the morning working with the Art teacher discussing essential learning goals and objectives.  We discussed where we were in the journey, how we can move forward and what the logical next steps would be.  We even looked at science and social studies and how they apply to art and overlap.


Went through Cindy's folders on "performance events" learned the following:
    • Performance assessments are designed to judge student abilities to USE specific knowledge and research skills
    • Most performance assessments require the student to manipulate equipment to solve a problem or make an analysis. 
    • Rich performance assessments reveal a variety of problem- solving approaches, thus providing insight into a student's level of conceptual and procedural knowledge
    • Performance assessment shhhtrategies are composed of three distinct parts: a performance task; a format in which the student responds; and a predetermined scoring system
    • Performance assessments are typically inappropriate for measuring student knowledge of facts
    • Performance assessments use grading strategies that are commonly used in the performing arts, fine arts, and Olympic competitions
  • Definition—students demonstrate their knowledge and skills by engaging in a process or constructing a product.
    1.    Purpose for the assessment
    2.    Tasks or prompts that elicit the expected performance
    3.    A response demand that focuses the student’s performance (must be authentic)
    4.    A systematic method for rating the performances (scoring guide)
  • Assessing Performance Assessment
Began working on Facilitator Workshop for End of Nov meeting date.

Recorded directions on how to access the CNI Server.

Went home to complete:

Friday, November 9, 2012

11/8 Veteran's Day WGHS, Edgar Road, SSLC

Started the day with an AMAZING set of presentations at WGHS for celebrating Verteran's Day.

Afterwords met with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers at Edgar Road to share MAP data.
At 12:00 participated in the St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium at St. Louis Science Center.
Agenda included:
  • Keri Skeeters, LARC Chairperson
    • ELA Core Content Standards 
  • Work Session Tasks:
    • Current practices
    • Tune a lesson to incorporate/strengthen ELA content standards
  • SSLC Wiki: How to access, post, collaborate
  • Next Meeting:
    • January 11, 2013,  Dr. Michael Wysession
    • Lunch provided by Pearson at 12:30
Know - Reading, Writing, informational to persuade, 70% informational reading, CCR, lack of differentiation for SSD and ESOL, allows for professional judgement

Want to know - how to infuse non-fiction reading through problem based learning, how to increase content collaboration (group PD LARC/SSLC),


Spring 2015 - ELA and Math - Smarter Balance assessment is asking to read multiple pieces synthesize information and do something with it.

Teaching science through Journalism:

Anchor standards - end goals for students
English - Literary text and informational text

Learned what a "close read" is:

Found this resource via Twitter:

Read like an investigator, write like a journalist.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/7 Office, Collaboration, Hixson

Started the day working on my Project Based Learning Certification:

  • Watched the Webinar
  • Took some notes:
    • Be intentional with who is in your groups
    • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of students
    • groups can range in size to the amount of work you have to complete.  Groups can be from sizes of 2 all the way up and over 10
    • Small groups can transition to large group or whole class projects
    • Voice and Choice are crucial - but also rely on the maturity and responsibility of students
    • Starting students with the roles they want to take will allow the groups to form
  • Chose the Project I will be modeling and sharing called "Choose your own adventure"
  • Completed Yourteams assignment
  • Contacted WGHS SS re veterens day activities
  • Worked on St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium website
At 1pm went over to Computer School to chat with Math Coordinator re: 2nd grade Unit or lesson plan.
  • We connected the CCSS standards to the Sound Unit
  • Also discussed the 4th grade Missouri and 3rd grade St. Louis Unit looking for Math connections
At 3:00 went over to Hixson to meet with 8th grade Social Studies and plan the 16th:
Our Agenda:

Check in misc stuff - .5
Year long unit plan - 1.5
Standards review - .5
Colonialism - GLE, Assessment, Essential, Objectives, Pacing unit (Back to big) - 3
Constitution unit - .5 - assessment
wrap up - .5

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/6 Office Hours, LMT

Started the morning going through e-mails and responding to emails and youtube questions.

  • I made contact with our Nystrom REP about replacing Maps and globes.  Hard to purchase from them when you can find better stuff on Amazon.
  • Downloaded and checked out STRATALOGICA - Seems cool, but not enough better than google earth/maps.  A lot better than apple maps (hehe)
  • Researched Globes for Kindergarten
  • Began Managing the Wiki for the Saint Louis Science Leadership Consortium
  • Prepped for Edgar Road MAP meeting tomorrow
  • Sent out a test for people that are having access to the server issues.... apparently there are problems...
  • Sent e-mail to Hudson / Bristol for full day availability
  • Downloaded and installed update to new SMART notebook software for Macs
  • Finished Blog post on Finding Reading Levels
  • Shared with Hixson and Steger the classroom observation application
Wrapped up the day at the LMT meeting at Central Office, agenda included:
  • Follet site
  • News:  WGSD Library updates - eBooks, personal accounts, previews, OneSearch
  • Timeline Review for completing the 2013 Technology plan
    • September:  Commendations
    • November: Recommendations
    • January:  Final draft approval
    • March:  Plan submitted to School board and DESE for approval
    • April: Focus groups form to work on Goals

  • The Goal:  to review current plan and needs assessments and draft recommendations for   the new plan
            The Role of Leaders :  Setting the stage
            I.  Review requirements of the plan:  The Focus Area Goals
            II.  Review last years summary report
            III.  Review of dream activities from focus groups and staff survey (needs assessment)
            IV.  Form Recommendations for the plan:  EITHER
                   A.  discard the Objective as complete or out-dated    
                   B.  revise the current objective and update strategies
                   C.  draft a new objective statement and suggest strategies    
  • Reports/Comments from the Building LMT committees

  • Reporting back to the building LMT committees
    • Library Updates
    • Progress of plan revision - opportunity to offer input from the staff
    • Any comments / answers to questions posed by the group