Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30 Coordinator Meeting, Social Studies Network

Started the day finishing up the day's post from activity from 11/29 seen here...

Went through TONS of e-mail since I was engaged in training the previous day.

Attended the coordinator meeting at Central Office at 8:30:
  • update
  • Edline
  • Walkthroughs
  • APR
  • CNI server
  • January 4th PD day

Read 10 characteristics of authentic learning.

Finalized resources for Monday's Next Generation Science presentation held in Board room.
Set up a 5th grade work day with Hudson/Clark.

Checked out resources from

Read/Watched 5 minute film festival on twitter:

Attended the Social Studies Network held at CSD.

CCSSO - sponsoring work for Social studies

NEVER creating a national set of standards for the social studies

C3 framework is a state led framework for interpreting the CCSS standards through social studies

Shared goals: Civics, Geography, Economics, and History

Fewer, higher, clearer

emphasis on skill and dicliplinary thinking instead of content

Goal: produce better citizens
Qualities of citizenship

Dimensions and Inquiry Arc of the C3 Framework

1 - Developing questions and planning investigations
2 - Applying tools and concepts
3 - Gathering, evaluating, using evidence
4 - action!

Teach CIVICS not Political science.  Framework is not without content but on disciplinary thinking.

CCSSO cooperating to figure out how to apply frame work to specific state standards, emphasize teaching ELA through social studies.

PLAN - full framework to come out spring 2013.

Clarification and more found at and the C3 framework

p.59 CCSS ELA reference (Social studies people felt that

All the ELA stuff  - Science and Social Studies are the avenue to which ELA standards are to be applied.

They don't imagine significant changing in the content and grade level teaching particular content matter.

Framework is at the National Level, standards are at the state level.

What is the process of citizenship not just rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  Use their knowledge of history, etc to impact their role now.  How do we impact and sustain groups....

Conversation LACKING around how to assess thinking skills and turn it into data.

Multiple choice test scores go up when students are asked to write and produce writing work.

Framework for NCSS:

Reflected on Oklahoma's C3 standards:

MOCHE offerings:

  • Historian on call....Available to help with PD and teacher context
  • CCSS support
After the meeting I made connections with the Social Studies coordinators of Mehlville and Parkway with the intent of collaboration in curriculum development.

I then went home to wrap up e-mails and set up the to-do list for the weekend:
  • Order materials for 3d grade science force and motion
  • Finalize Monday's Next Generation Science standards presentation
  • wrap up science facilitators
  • prepare for vertical team meetings
  • prepare for social studies facilitator meeting
  • Read Science iOs and investigate with materials
  • Read resources from Social Studies Network meeting
  • continue working on 5th grade social studies learning goals and essentials
  • wrap up PBLU course
  • assess 8th grade resource for resource adoption process
  • Finalize acceleration assessment for 1st grade student
  • order resources from Nystrom
  • Write WAR blog post

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