Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/6 - WGHS, Textbooks, St. Louis, WGHS Science

Started the morning facilitating learning from all educators 7-12.

  • Sorting activity with CCSS materials
  • Presentation from Dr. Simpson
  • Individual SCIENCE presentation and workgroup
Met with 7th and 8th grade science to discuss textbook adoption process:

Results of the textbook survey were as follows:
Topic Needs:
  • Anatomy (Health)
  • Earth's processes (Universe and Weather)
  • Physical Science - Energy, light and sound, electricity, chemistry,
Needs provided by a textbook
  • Reliability
  • CCSS - grade level text for reading non-fiction
  • Eliminate standing by a copier
  • Access to tech limits us
  • Quick
Want from a textbook
  • Weblinks
  • online support (online text)
  • Test builders
Numbers of need
  • 4 class sets per grade (30 - 35 per grade) = 160
  • 160 x $55 = $8800
  • Multiple individual texts
Other options
  • ipads
  • paid to create or curate
Next steps include:
  • 1.     Articulate a sound rationale and give evidence for why the current resource (if one exists) is unable to support high-quality student learning (ex: changes to curriculum, not engaging to students, or in poor condition). DEPARTMENTS
  • 2.     Review the latest research regarding resources in support of student learning including content-specific resources. DEPARTMENTS
  • 3.     Survey students and staff to determine what they “need” and “want” in a secondary resource. DISCOVERY/DEPARTMENT
  • 4.     Research what resources are currently available which might be considered. (ex: meet with companies, school visits, etc.).  Contact high performing districts and districts with comparable demographics to Webster (nationwide) to find out which resource(s) they are using and if they think it contributes to the success of their students. COORDINATOR
  • 5.  Compare how the currently available resources align with the district curriculum, state/national standards, and the “needs” and “wants” list developed in step 3.  COORDINATOR
  • 6. Teach the searching of current research
  • 7.  Demo/Experience with K-12 ebooks
  • 8.  How to check the reading levels

Wrapped up the day BACK at WGHS to get to know the WGHS Science department. Who I was, What we're doing K-8 and Where we're going in the future. Presentation I gave here.

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