Friday, November 30, 2012

11/29 Treca Digital Academy, Apple Science iOs Training

I'm a day late on the post due to travel and lack of access to the web.  Please accept my apologies.

Spent the day at Treca Educational Solutions in Marion Ohio.

There I was training on the new full day training called "science iOs"

We used three piece of tech during the session, seen below:

The first piece was verier's labquest 2.  We were trained on how to use the device and the pH probe ware.  Learned how to pair it with a laptop or mobile device and harvet data.  We then used the date to create a media focused lab write up.  Some of the resources from the lab are below:

After investigating with the Labquest we turned our discussion to resources on the iPad.  We learned how to use the Bodelin Proscope.  This device syned with the AirMicroPad app to display and capture amazing images, seen below:


Computer typing

Up my nose





Sweater Fabric

Table top



Computer Screen


We then investigated the Leafsnap and Educreations apps.

The day was wrapped up discussing Mountain Lion Server and how it could be used in the traning and school networks to "turn in" resources from the iPad to the teacher's device.

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