Friday, November 9, 2012

11/8 Veteran's Day WGHS, Edgar Road, SSLC

Started the day with an AMAZING set of presentations at WGHS for celebrating Verteran's Day.

Afterwords met with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers at Edgar Road to share MAP data.
At 12:00 participated in the St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium at St. Louis Science Center.
Agenda included:
  • Keri Skeeters, LARC Chairperson
    • ELA Core Content Standards 
  • Work Session Tasks:
    • Current practices
    • Tune a lesson to incorporate/strengthen ELA content standards
  • SSLC Wiki: How to access, post, collaborate
  • Next Meeting:
    • January 11, 2013,  Dr. Michael Wysession
    • Lunch provided by Pearson at 12:30
Know - Reading, Writing, informational to persuade, 70% informational reading, CCR, lack of differentiation for SSD and ESOL, allows for professional judgement

Want to know - how to infuse non-fiction reading through problem based learning, how to increase content collaboration (group PD LARC/SSLC),


Spring 2015 - ELA and Math - Smarter Balance assessment is asking to read multiple pieces synthesize information and do something with it.

Teaching science through Journalism:

Anchor standards - end goals for students
English - Literary text and informational text

Learned what a "close read" is:

Found this resource via Twitter:

Read like an investigator, write like a journalist.

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