Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28 WGHS, Haddock, Science Facilitators

Started the day at WGHS where I assisted in the interview process interviewing candidates for the Technology Support Specialist.

I then met with Chandra Hussey at Haddock:

  • We discussed EdcampSTL
  • We also discussed ebook options
  • We also available handheld options for future consideration

I then prepped for the Science facilitators meeting:

Agenda included: 
General Announcements for all Facilitators:
  • Have you put some resources on the server?  How you downloaded any?  Have you shared your experience with others?

  1. What do we believe about Social Studies/Science?
  2. What do we want kids to believe about Social Students/Science?
  3. What do we NOT want kids to believe about Social Studies/Science
  4. I started

  • Tell you building admin if you’d like to tear apart the MAP data from last year and look for trends.  I’m here to facilitate that process. (Edgar Road Already Started)

Review and complete:
Science Learning Goals

Missouri GLE’s
Discuss Next Gen Topics and Standards
Discuss Vertical Team
This I believe...
Homework/Next time:
  • Beef up the Server
  • Collect assessments and assessment “versions”
  • Share Next Gen standards with teams, look above and below for any possible trades
  • Read, in depth, ONE NGSS for discuss on unit/plan/assessment

Afterwords typed up e-mail and set next time's agenda:

BIG thank you to the science facilitators tonight.  We had yet another great meeting!  We started the meeting off with an update from the various schools.  We then continued our work on our current science essentials.  

The bulk of our time was spent getting acquainted with the first draft of the "Next Generation Science Standards" (also called NGSS or Next Gen).  We watched a video on how to read the standards and took time to look at how the standards are aligned by grade level.  We gave a moment of silence to the Missouri GLE's and set our sights on the future and the "next generation."  

At the next meeting we will investigate at, and around, our grade level and discuss the best possible alignment for the students of Webster Groves.  In future meetings we will take one standard at one grade level and dissect it.  We will discuss a plan of how students will be assessed and can experience a next generation science classroom.


1.  Welcome and intro

2.  Homework check in - Added to learning goals?  Sent out and supported teachers using the server?  Added pieces for collaboration? Brought an assessment to adapt/edit?

3. Read our grade level and the grade level around you.  Make notes (set up document to do this)

4.  Wrap up…

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