Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29 WGHS

Started the day Facetiming with Popular Bluff MO teachers interested in Flipteaching

Read through CREDE standards:

Finalized meeting for Design team 2:

Met with Library coordinator to learn more about Resource lists:
Scheduled keyword search

Tested Google Hangout with Dan Pink's assistant to make sure everything works as planned:

Met with Design team at the coordinator space:

Met at CO to move resources over to WGHS for Friday's PD day

Met with the CECH team and Avery/Hudson Teachers to discuss MYLOGO program and partnering with 3rd grade.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/28 WGHS, CO, CNI meeting

Started the day doing walkthroughs with WGHS admin team and discussing the tool and how to use the tool as it relates to curriculum

Headed over to CO to:

Attended Coordinator meeting at WGHS about:
  • Learning Goals and Learning Targets
  • Language for Proficiency scales
  • Determined process for document publication
  • Met with TLC director regarding Server Functionality
Went home to:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

9/27 Parkway, Edgar Road

Started the day in the Parkway School District.  I met with district curriculum coordinators and leadership regarding support and SSLC's role in St Louis.

Went through space reservations and ensured my meetings had spaces through January

Coordinated a time for two different architect firms to advise on Coordinator Space

Moved Skype with Pink to the library, contacted librarian about resources

Met with teacher at Bristol to learn more about Brainpop.

Organized student MAP data into this format:

Edited Learning Goals and Proficiency scales for 6th grade and 7th grade science

Edited video and posted video to youtube:

8/26 Office Day, Avery iPads, Marzano

Started the day meeting with the CECH team.  We discussed:

  • Plan for Thursday's 3rd grade meeting
  • Resources needed for that day
  • Shared the unit lesson plan

Back over to ER to:

Headed over to Avery to work on syncing their iPads with a cart.

Went home to:
  • Record video
  • Continue editing the SSLC wiki

Marzano Presentation at Lindenwood

Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/22 Hixson, CO, Steger,

Started the day meeting with 7th grade Science Chair.  Discussion included:

Writing proficiency scales and developing good scales
How to use them in our class/grading

Practicing using an old assessment

Putting into sis

Learning goal and targets vocabulary change...

Universe first

Map data through Universe

PD dates

Headed over to CO to:

  • Meet with HR regarding FMLA and Baby Leave
  • Meet with Finance to get my SISFIN log in and to know how to use it
Submitted orders to SISFIN for memberships
Cleaned up file cabinets and curated resources.

Headed over to Steger to Meet with 6th Science chair.  Discussion included:

Can we work on next gen?

It's not that far off

What units are we doing that with?

Map data force and motion

Map data from force ands motion and implications into the classroom

Map data from 8th grade

Map day no more than 1 hour and a half

Change in vocabulary

Love if we could as a department start to talk about how we teach.
Lessons and differentiation.

PD dates
MAP data

Headed over to Edgar road to work on:

at 1pm had a Coordinator meeting at Central office.

After that I had a MOCHE board meeting at 4pm at Ladue Middle School.

Then Back over to Edgar Road to help out for Open House from 6-730.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/21 Edgar Road, CO, Hixson

Started the day with a meeting at Central office about Clarity.

Headed back over to Edgar Road to:

  • Investigated Brain Pop
  • Set Coordinator Agenda for Thursday
  • Read Social Studies magazines, created these handouts:
  • Created resources for 8th grade Science meeting:
    • Posters of data
    • handouts of MAP data
  • Notes from Science meeting included:
How the days are organized
Multiple version of the same test
Probe work make some labs
Not a vernier person
SLUH, Schuster?
Safety from Flinn
Weldon spring letter
Purchasing devices - After 9/10 announcement
3 days

MAP data

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/20 Edgar Road, WGHS, Hixson

Started the day working on MAP data.
I finished the 7 and 8th grade data and created summary reports.
I sent the data to building principals before sharing with the teachers.

I met with the district web master to discuss importing/exporting/syncing multiple calendars between schools.  Also worked to discuss a workflow for future consideration.

Met with district technology director to discuss wireless issues and non-working laptop.

Finalized pilot letter.

Met with 8th grade SS deptartment char, notes are here:

Wrap up all the goals and put the right goals up

Proficiency scales and what were suppose to do with them?  What about grading?

After school Thursdays for meetings...

Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19 - Office Day

Productive day!

  • Met with 7th grade SS dept chair to set goals for the year.  Conversation included:
  • Drafted letter for teachers to use when piloting new curriculum
  • arranged for meeting date with CECH organization and 3rd grade teachers
  • Finished MAP data for K-6
  • Created Spreadsheet of MAP data by team at Steger.
  • emailed reports to all building principals
  • Posted reports and resources to the district server under "Map test info"
  • Met with teacher about Learning goal progress

Saturday, August 17, 2013

8/16 MAP data day

Worked on MAP data for the majority of the day

Finalized District data and data by school.

I also completed Avery's data summary report:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

8/15 Office Day

Spent the day at Edgar Road:

  • Sent emails setting up meetings (edline, SISFIN, TREX, 1500, dept leaders)
  • Make rubric for 9/30 staff development morning

  • Worked on iObservation to finish self eval (TWICE!) and growth plan (took 47 minutes to complete)
  • Met with Representative from Herff Jones Nystrom, discussed:
    • Stratalogica pricing changes
    • CARE study in May
    • PD on November 18th date.
  • Ran books to Clark and to Avery
  • Worked on MAP data for Avery (still unfinished)
Finish Avery Report
Create Template for other schools
Share to server.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/13 First Day of School

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Started the day by welcoming students and walking around to classrooms in Edgar road asking if anyone needed help.

I then went to the state assessment page:

I downloaded the MAP performance data from last year and began separating it by school, content, grade level, etc.

I finished and shared my ibook on Edcamp.

I then went over to Central Office to pick up orders.

wrapped up the day by creating this video:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Edgar Road - Office Day

Welcome back!

Started the day responding to emails.

Attended the iObservation training from 9-11

Prepped for Science meeting with High School Science department

Attended HS Science meeting at 1pm

Sent one more EdcampSTL email

Logged into Follett to do some researching.

Created constitution list of district resources

Met regarding Time for kids

Completed Requisition forms for multiple purchases.