Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/22 Hixson, CO, Steger,

Started the day meeting with 7th grade Science Chair.  Discussion included:

Writing proficiency scales and developing good scales
How to use them in our class/grading

Practicing using an old assessment

Putting into sis

Learning goal and targets vocabulary change...

Universe first

Map data through Universe

PD dates

Headed over to CO to:

  • Meet with HR regarding FMLA and Baby Leave
  • Meet with Finance to get my SISFIN log in and to know how to use it
Submitted orders to SISFIN for memberships
Cleaned up file cabinets and curated resources.

Headed over to Steger to Meet with 6th Science chair.  Discussion included:

Can we work on next gen?

It's not that far off

What units are we doing that with?

Map data force and motion

Map data from force ands motion and implications into the classroom

Map data from 8th grade

Map day no more than 1 hour and a half

Change in vocabulary

Love if we could as a department start to talk about how we teach.
Lessons and differentiation.

PD dates
MAP data

Headed over to Edgar road to work on:

at 1pm had a Coordinator meeting at Central office.

After that I had a MOCHE board meeting at 4pm at Ladue Middle School.

Then Back over to Edgar Road to help out for Open House from 6-730.

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