Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29 ERS

Welcomed teachers in the building in the morning

Met with building principal

emailed CIC business about 3/3

Edited Agenda for 3/1 and 3/3 meetings

reserved space for 2nd year Social Justice team meeting

Supervised 3rd grade recess

Worked with a Kindergarten student

Worked on Excel SPreadsheet for SSD teacher

Inventoried Hub for K-5 Science teachers

Read K-5 P.E. Standards

Facilitated dismissal

Met with leaders from MO Council for arts and Webster U about STEAM III event this summer.

Friday, February 26, 2016

2/26 Hixson, WGHS, CO, Clark, WGHS

Started the day dropping off a BREAKOUTEDU kit to Hixson.

Headed over to WGHS.

Finalized the SS Assessment for Clark 2nd grader

Finalized Evaluation

Met with Asst. Supt about Evaluation

Cleaned up Desk/Computer

Cleaned up Science K-5 Hub - Created new Hub Checklist for K-5 teachers

Worked on Science "Back to School" slides for PD

Headed over to Clark to meet with student

Authored Social Studies portion of the assessment evaluation

2/25 WGHS, Clark, WGHS

Started the morning at WGHS finalizing paperwork to assess a 2nd grade student for acceleration.

Headed over to elementary school to assess student.

Headed back to WGHS to author report.

Created How-to video for SISFIN

Finalized K-5 Science Facilitator agenda

Finalized 6-8 Science Collaboration for 3/3

Made cards for Kit 19 and Kit 20

Monday, February 22, 2016

2/22 Edgar Road, Innovation collaboration team

Started the day welcoming students into school at the circle drive.

Walked around meeting with teachers and students.

Worked on a student's iPhone stuck in guided access

Met with substitute admin assistant

Helped 1st grade with imovie video

Watched this trailer:

Final edits to K-5 SS Facilitators AGENDA

Worked with a kindergarten student

supervised 3rd grade recess where they built this awesome fort

Read a little in my book

Continued working on Major Grant application

Facilitated dismissal

Headed over to Hudson to facilitate the Innovation Collaboration on Personalized learning

2/19 WGHS, Avery, SSLC

Started the day at the learning team meeting at WGHS.

Met with 3rd grade at Avery for the local government learning experience.

Headed over to education plus to meet with other science coordinators for the St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium. Notes found here

2/18 Rock Hill, DLT, Elementary Principals, Service Center, WGHS

Started the day meeting with officials from Rock Hill, Shrewsbury and Crestwood city officials in preparation for local government experience.

Headed over to Central Office to attend the DLT meeting

Stayed there for the Elementary principals meeting concerning RTI, data and Functional behavior plans.

Headed over to the service center to check in materials and work on the new science kits.

Wrapped up the day with emails and organizing resources at WGHS.

2/17 MS SS

Worked with MS SS Teachers

Agenda found here

Met with 3rd grade SS at Computer school in preparation for the Local Government learning experience.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/16 - Edgar Road, Hixson

Started the day meeting with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

I then welcomed students into school at the circle drive

Went into first grade to help with Social Studies projects

Met with Librarian

Met with Art teacher

Observed 4th grade teacher

Answered emails

Facilitated indoor recess for 3rd grade

Met with team around MAP test preparations

Participated in P.E.

Met with Kindergarten student in need of assistance

Met again with Kindergarten student in need of assistance

Facilitated dismissal

Headed over to Hixson for "Grading for Learning PD"

Watched this video:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2/10 Edgar Road

Started the day welcoming students outside at the circle drive

Went in to 1st grade to help with their social studies projects.  Here's an example of what I helped with:

I then met with a 2nd grade student, we discussed a discipline issue, worked on a social studies assignment and a math assignment

I substituted for a teacher that was at an IEP

I met with a 1st grade student for a discipline incident.

I supervised indoor recess

I attended a 3rd grade classroom math lesson to observe a student teacher.

I read a little of my book "Innovation as usual."

I met with the building principal.

headed over to Avery for the Grade Level meetings.

2/9 METC

Attended METC conference.  Presented:

Formative Assessments using Educational Technology

Ignite session: What if education was like

2/8 Leadership Academy

Spent the day at Education Plus as a part of the Leadership Academy.

We discussed:

Friday, February 5, 2016

2/5 WGHS, Service Center

Worked on 8th Grade Science Assessment for Gifted Assm.

cleaned up emails

Headed over to the service center to organize the creation of new science kits

The room started like this...

Then I created shelving units for sections and storage

Then got to work on the items we ordered that came in.  Notice the pink papers, those are labeled with resources for each kit.  As items come in we sepearate it to the different kits.  Then one by one we will build the different kits.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

2/4 Tech CSIP, Steger, WGHS

Started the day working with the Tech CSIP team at Edgar Road

Met with Building Principal at Steger about 6th Grade Social Studies Resources.

Walked around Steger/Computer School to check in with facilitators and department teams.

Authored SS collaboration meeting agenda for review

Finalized the next Grading for Learning session

Emailed participants for the Grading for Learning Panel

Sorted through studies weekly for 5th grade, sent copies to Avery.

Picked up posters at the Copy Center at WGHS

Renewed membership to NSTA

Emailed contacts at SSHRC for help with 8th grade Social Studies.

Prepped for Monday's Leaderhip Academy

Entered Session information for Tuesday's METC.

Prepped for GarageBand PD.

Met with AP of WGHS

Met with Director of Instructional Technology

Put together resources for 6th grade SS and 7th Grade Science assessment for gifted testing

Researched Virtual Reality Apps for possible grant application

Cleaned up email

Headed over to Edgar Road for the Google Classroom Session.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2/3 WGHS

Started the day in a Google Hangout with educators associated with "AppsEvents"

Met with Leadership for Apple higher learning division, discussed apple devices, iOs9.3 and chromebooks role in education.

Planned and created resources for Grading for Learning PD

Met with Webster University Alum for lunch to discuss Alumni Programming.

Created acceleration assessment for a 2nd grader

Created acceleration assessment for a 5th grader

Sent email about survey to gather feedback

Completed Rubric for SPARK! student

Cleaned out emails.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2 Edgar

And I'm back!  I allowed work to get in the way of being reflective.  I want this to be a place for reflection and useful.  I stepped away and realized I miss this opportunity to think about the work I do and where I do it.  So I'm back at it!

Started the day welcoming students in the windy rainy outside drive.

Met with a kindergartener about classroom behavior

Observed 1st grade teacher

Met with 2nd grade student about behaviors

Met with 4th grade student about behavior in music

Scanned documents for use later

Sent email to MS SS teachers about upcoming PD day.

Observed a 3rd grade teacher


Supervised 1st grade indoor recess

Supervised 3rd grade lunch and recess

Met with 2nd grade student in the sensory room.

Volleyed emails back and forth about an Amazon order

Scheduled acceleration meetings

More back and forth on Amazon order

Got roster for 3rd grade students

Shared rosters of 3rd grade students from CS, ERS, Avery with UMSL for local government.

Sent emails for local government.

Announcements at 3:05

Supervised dismissal

met with teacher about Flubaroo

Met with teacher about observation.