Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2 Edgar

And I'm back!  I allowed work to get in the way of being reflective.  I want this to be a place for reflection and useful.  I stepped away and realized I miss this opportunity to think about the work I do and where I do it.  So I'm back at it!

Started the day welcoming students in the windy rainy outside drive.

Met with a kindergartener about classroom behavior

Observed 1st grade teacher

Met with 2nd grade student about behaviors

Met with 4th grade student about behavior in music

Scanned documents for use later

Sent email to MS SS teachers about upcoming PD day.

Observed a 3rd grade teacher


Supervised 1st grade indoor recess

Supervised 3rd grade lunch and recess

Met with 2nd grade student in the sensory room.

Volleyed emails back and forth about an Amazon order

Scheduled acceleration meetings

More back and forth on Amazon order

Got roster for 3rd grade students

Shared rosters of 3rd grade students from CS, ERS, Avery with UMSL for local government.

Sent emails for local government.

Announcements at 3:05

Supervised dismissal

met with teacher about Flubaroo

Met with teacher about observation.

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