Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26 WGHS, Avery, Hixson Arcade

Started the day at WGHS.  Worked on:

  • NSTA conference
  • Slides for GAM presentation
  • Reviewed STEAM agenda
  • Met with Fine arts coordinator

Then headed over to Avery for an Acceleration Meeting for a student.

After that I went over to Hixson. There I:
  • met with 8th grade Social Studies department
  • organized projects for Arcade.
Headed over to Hudson for the Arcade.  See images below

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25 ERS

Made some breakfast sandwiched for teachers and staff.  It was awesome.

Sent details for NSTA trip.  Hunted down hotel registration (seemed to take forever).

Sent out details for Arcade for Thursday and Friday.

Updated HUB checklist

Re-authored attendance letters due to grammatical error. SHUCKS

edited 3/3 facilitator meeting agenda

Evaluated all social studies sections of the Resource Hub on checklist to determine what's left to be accomplished

Submitted order for more laminating film

Evaluated all science sections of the Resource Hub on checklist to determine what's left to be accomplished

Worked on Weather and Climate unit for 2nd grade to finish an "exemplar" for future HUB work

Walked around to every classroom.

Read through conference options for #NSTA15 and started putting together listings

2/24 ERS

Started the day at a meeting in Central office.

Headed over to Edgar Road.

I met with the building principal.

Worked on residency issue with teachers and students.

Worked on Attendance letters to students

fixed a door working with director of technology

scheduled a multitude of meetings

Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23 ERS

Started the day welcoming students and teachers into school.

Met with teacher regarding police report concern for lost/stolen item

Met with teacher re: timeline for Science and Social Studies implementation.

Met with teacher re: missing item.

Ordered resources for 6th grade science

Prepped ERS resources

Ate lunch with 2nd graders

Finalized iPad email

Finalized 2nd year Teacher workshop (slides here)

Read article on PLCs

Authored and recorded Monday Memo

Created HUB checklist

Authored letter re: attendance

Shared attendance radar with staff

Friday, February 20, 2015

2/20 WGHS, Avery, Bristol

Started the day at the coordinator meeting.  We discussed:

  • Check in
  • MAP Changes
  • Prop S and W
  • Additional Summer Work (besides the scheduled PD we are leading)
  • Schedule date
  • Summer Professional Development
  • Social Justice
  • Professional Development in 15-16
  • Sharing Curriculum
  • Proficiency Scales and Elementary Reporting
  • Next week Coordinator Coffee

I then headed over to Avery.  At avery I walked around checking in with teachers.  I also delivered materials to 4th grade.

Afterwords I headed over to Bristol to meet with the Library coordinator about resource lists.

I wrapped up the day by tying up loose ends and met up with staff members after work.

2/19 DLT, ERS

Started the day working on the 2nd grade section of the resource hub

Then attended the District Leadership Team meeting.

Shared Timeline to implementation for science and social studies

Discussed budget

Discussed Social Justice

Discussed State assessments

HR update

Calendar events and activities

Transfer student update

Discussed Tax Levy/Bond issue:

Supt Update.

Afterwords attended the elementary principals meeting where we discussed:

  • active shooter training
  • RTI and school physchologists
  • Kindergarten orientation
  • Cumulative cards/files
Ran attendance data for students with  outstanding tardies and absences

Headed over to Edgar Road to:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Started the day at Edgar Road School.

Worked with guidance counselor on tech issue.

Solved a sub shortage issue

Sent out Arcade Details to teachers to proof.

2/26 Hudson:

2/27 Avery:

I worked with the Science Fair team to organize the space for Science Fair displays.  Those choir risers are hard to move!

At 9am I attended a leadership workshop at Litzinger Road Ecology center.  We discussed:

See Lrec as a resource for classroom teachers and as apartment to classroom teachers.

Bring classrooms here, they provide busses.

Utilizing the local community to best utilizing the school yard and surrounding area.

Focus on supporting the curriculum not adding to.

Schoolyard habitat focus on what's around the school.

Teachers join Lrec staff over the summer to do a 3 day workshop on outdoor education

Also think. About how we can use the school year and surrounding community.

Outdoor place-based education - authentic learning experiences

David Sobol (author)

Presentation given by John Roberts at covenant Christian school.

Sustainable schoolyards

Outdoor sensory space

Afterwords, headed over to Edgar Road to:

Emailed Director of finance regarding the addition of an office space.

emailed facilitators about DLT update

Sent email to Avery and Hudson about Arcade.

Printed resource for Timeline conversation

Watched this video:

Met with building principal

Scheduled Summer PD dates

Watched some of the Hixson Choir performance

Sent emails about summer work to:
K-5 Social Studies facilitators
K-5 Science facilitators
6-8 Science department chairs
6-8 Social Studies department chairs

Sample email read like this:
Hey Team,

In the next couple weeks a sign up form will be coming out advertising summer curriculum work.  We have budgeted for 5 days and for 25 people (invite your colleagues) to be able to work on curriculum.

This summer we’ll be focusing on finishing the work from this year, seen below:
Inventory Resources
Create/Share Common "Assessments"
Revise curriculum document as needed
SWAP PD day (resources/Assessment/Activities)
Create Equality of resources
Determine CORE experiences
Purchase Resources
Create Teacher Training DayS at Schools (End school Year)
And completing our summer work, seen below:
Have Teacher Training Days at Schools
Develop Reporting Process for Summative Data
Revise curriculum document as needed
Change report cards indicators
Revise student experiences
Although we’ve always been flexible with dates, this summer will be a little less flexible than in years past due to budgeting.

Every “day” will be counted for no more than 6 hours.

If you and your team want to work on the dates offered, GREAT!

If you or your team want to work on different dates, we will still try and be flexible with that as much as possible.  What I will ask of you and the team is if you plan to work 4 days, but those 4 days will happen on different dates, just sign up for the 5 dates offered and work with me to finalize details of when/where.  The importance of signing up for what’s offered is for budgeting purposes.

Any questions?  Send them my way!

Wrapped up the day meeting with the director of personnel.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17 CO, Hudson, ERS

Started the day meeting with the Mtro theater dance company we discussed:

Daughters of Salem

Monster camp in the summer 1-5

K and up enjoy the play last two weeks of June

Talking trash - recycled charity group - our relationship with stuff (8th grade science)

Hana suitcase - building community through drama, every single 5th and 6th grade in the district.

Seed folks at Steger. Welcoming into a new community. Triangle of oppression.

Art space teaching strategies

Say something, do something - Peer leadership program 7th and 8th grade
After school trainings
Imbalance of power
Personal action plan
Adults as questions to the peer leaders to tell the school what initiatives aren't working.

Remaining 5th grade dates.

I then headed over to Hudson.  At hudson 5th grade was working on their Genius Hour projects
I then headed over to Edgar Road.

I met with a first grade teacher.

I met with a teacher's aid.

I met with the guidance counselor.

Reserved buses for 4th grade cemetery field trip.

Met with building principal.

Watched a 2nd grade class for a teacher.

Met with Science Coordinator from Kirkwood.

Facilitated dismissal.

read and reviewed 7th grade "I can" statements.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

2/12 ERS

Welcomed everyone in to the building.

Had two phone conversations with parents

Had another phone conversation about tardies

Went to Kindergarten parties

Had another phone conversation about attendance

Met with student about discipline issue

Attended 2nd grade lunch

Met with building principal

Checked in on the Valentines day parties

Met with student regarding discipline issue.

Supervised dismissal.


2/11 WGHS, ERS, Steger

Started the day at WGHS.

I moved Social Studies weekly papers from the copy center to 324

Phone conference with parent re: attendance/tardies

Headed over to Edgar Road to pick up an iPad.

I then met with the district Director of Technology re: app purchasing

Created Science kit progression by building

Sent out Science kit email:
Every year there seems to be a race to get the science kits you want/need in the order you want/need them.

In the interest of trying to make that happen in a more simple way....

Below is a list of grade level, quarters, #classes and #kits needed.

Please send me any changes that need to be made and we'll confirm this order if we are able to accommodate.

Only 1 reply per grade level is necessary, no reply will assume no changes are needed.

1st Qtr
2nd Qtr
3rd Qtr
4th Qtr
# Classes
1st Grade

2nd Grade
3rd Grade
Life Cycles
4th Grade
5th Grade

This is the last year for these kits and this process so we're trying to make the last year, the best!


Added Apps via VPP to Profile Manager for ERS ipads.

Worked on residency issue

Attended World Studies meeting at Steger.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2/10 ERS, CO

Started the day at Edgar Road.

I prepped final items for the aides meeting.

I facilitated the aides meeting.

I finalized attendance letters and sent those out.

Met with the Asst Supt of CNI re: Laminating/Curriculum

Met with Principal to go over Administrator Review.

Walked through classrooms with building administrator.

Supervised dismissal

Monday, February 9, 2015

2/9 ERS

Started the day reviewing Aide Evals

Set up document to have Aide evaluation meetings

Held Aide Evaluation meeting throughout the day

Hunted down Kit 24 and the MySci consumables

Met with Assistant Supt. re: Social Studies Curriculum

Attended Retention meeting for kindergartener.

Created things like this for each Teacher's Aide as a part of their evaluation:

Met with building principal about a LIST of things.

Sent out email about 3rd grade Subs and CECH field trip.

Reserved bus for Hudson.

Sent out schedule for Friday's Staff Development.

Called about iPads and VPP

Supervised dismissal.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2/3 ERS

Started the day in the cold outside opening doors and welcoming students in.

Walked around and said good morning.

Attended meeting regarding FALL Guided Reading Levels

Sent emails regarding coding in Summer school/after school program

Sat in on reading group in 3rd grade:
Sat in on 1st grade writing.

Set up Aides Meeting agenda, secured room and laptops for the meeting.

Met with 1st and 2nd grade teachers.

Reserved buses for Arcade Trip.

Met with District finance staff on building budget

Planned Intruder drill for PM

Planned more of the 2/13 staff development.

Facilitated intruder drill

Assisted with dismissal

Monday, February 2, 2015

2/2 ERS, iDEA, Strategic Planning

Started the day welcoming teachers into the building.

Met with a 5th grade teacher about eDirect process

Met with 5th grade teacher about iObservation.

Met with 2 students about usage of inappropriate language.

Met with SSD teacher regarding student behavior.

Attended 5th grade recess

Ate lunch with 5th graders.

Met with school nurse re: evaluation

Finalized custodian evaluation (feels like I've done this 15 times).

Sent out email to Teacher's Aids re: sign up/conference schedule.

Met with 3rd grade teachers re: 2/13 staff development

Sent out message to Hudson staff about meeting on 2/4

Met with teacher about iPad training for teachers.

Assisted with dismissal.

After school headed to iDEA then to Strategic Planning.