Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/17 CO, Hudson, ERS

Started the day meeting with the Mtro theater dance company we discussed:


Daughters of Salem

Monster camp in the summer 1-5

K and up enjoy the play last two weeks of June

Talking trash - recycled charity group - our relationship with stuff (8th grade science)

Hana suitcase - building community through drama, every single 5th and 6th grade in the district.

Seed folks at Steger. Welcoming into a new community. Triangle of oppression.

Art space teaching strategies

Say something, do something - Peer leadership program 7th and 8th grade
After school trainings
Imbalance of power
Personal action plan
Adults as questions to the peer leaders to tell the school what initiatives aren't working.

Remaining 5th grade dates.

I then headed over to Hudson.  At hudson 5th grade was working on their Genius Hour projects
I then headed over to Edgar Road.

I met with a first grade teacher.

I met with a teacher's aid.

I met with the guidance counselor.

Reserved buses for 4th grade cemetery field trip.

Met with building principal.

Watched a 2nd grade class for a teacher.

Met with Science Coordinator from Kirkwood.

Facilitated dismissal.

read and reviewed 7th grade "I can" statements.

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