Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/30 WGHS, CO, ERS

Swapped out SS resources for laminating at WGHS

Coordinator meeting at Central Office where we discussed the joys of Central Office work.

Attended a meeting at Webster U.

Headed over to ERS

  • Walked around and chatted with teachers and students
  • Answered emails
  • Finalized curriculum documents

Record video for Science:

Recorded video for Social Studies:

 Put together resources for the executive memo which included:

Graphic: Attached

Timeline: Attached and Here:

Curriculum Documents:

Alignment of Content:

CNI Server:

Resource HUB:

Science Overview Video: above

Social Studies Overview Video: above

Elementary Science NGSS and MAP standards match:

Middle School Science NGSS and MAP standards match:


  • Remember the conversation about Science and Natural selection, Climate Change and Genetically Modified organisms.  There are hot-button topics.
  • Science shift in focus from content knowledge to transferrable Cross cutting concepts.  
  • For science: Why Cross Cutting Concepts? The Framework identifies seven crosscutting concepts that bridge disciplinary boundaries, uniting core ideas throughout the fields of science and engineering. Their purpose is to help students deepen their understanding of the disciplinary core ideas, and develop a coherent and scientifically based view of the world.
  • In science items shifted grade levels to best align with : Units of Study in writing, resources to support implementation and local expertise.


  • In social studies items shifted grade levels to best align with : Units of Study in writing, resources to support implementation and local expertise.
  • Biggest shifts includes 3rd grade emphasis on local community issues, a larger emphasis on Missouri in 4th grade, American history to 5th and 6th and modern studies to 8th grade.
  • Why the C3 standards?  In the college, career and civic life framework for social studies state standards, the call for students to become more prepared for the challenges of college and career is united with a third critical element: Preparation for civi life.  Advocates of citizenship education cross the political spectrum, but they are bound by a common belief that our democratic republic will not sustain unless students are aware of their changing cultural and physical environments; know the past; read, write and think deeply; and act in ways that promote the common good.  There will always be differing perspectives on these objectives.  The goal of knowledgable, thinking, and active citizens, however, is universal.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4/29 Future Ready Summit

Spent the day learning with the United States Department of Education at the Future Ready Summit.  The "notes" in the form of tweets are below.

Monday, April 27, 2015

4/27 6th Grade Science, Future Ready Set up

Worked with 6th grade science teachers on this agenda.

4/24 Avery Local Government Field trip, CO

Spent the day with Avery 3rd grade and their local government authentic learning experience.

Afterwords headed over to central office.  Met with the Assistant Supt to discuss:

  • My Sci kits
  • Science Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum
  • Budgeting for next year

Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/23 Maryville U, Avery, CO, Webster U, CECH

Started the day meeting with Maryville University professor.  We discussed professional learning, innovation, creativity and teacher leadership.

Headed over to Avery to meet with the teacher of gifted programs and classroom teacher about providing support for a student who is receiving gifted support in science.

Headed over to CO to:

  • Plan Social Justice programming for 15
  • Met with Director of Technology and Instructional Technology
  • Worked on Science "Patterns" Curriculum document draft 231
Headed to Lunch with the president of webster university and a student to discuss STEM programming.

Headed over to Avery to facilitate conversation with MySci.

Then to City Hall to set up for Local Government Learning Experience tomorrow.  Also known as the chair and cooler fiasco....

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

4/22 ERS

Started the morning meeting with the ELA coordinator.

We went through the SCISS Resource Hub and added "Units of study" connections with each social studies section K-5.

Went through NSTA conference schedule to download resources from the march conference.  (Don't judge I've been busy)  Only got through the first day :-(

Met with the team at CPO Science/Frey about resources.

Worked on MAP for Jaguar 5 K after feedback

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

4/21 Discovery Ed, ERS, Avery

Started the day welcoming students and teachers in to school.

Had a Webinar with Discovery Ed about Techbook Usage.  Some screenshots below:

Met with Fine Arts coordinator about STEAM.

Headed over to Avery: Met with 5th grade at Avery re: Social Studies

Headed back to Edgar Road.

Drudged through email.

Drafted number 57 (and 58) of the Social Studies curriculum updating learning targets to match Core content.  Sent to Asst. Supt for approval before I do the rest.  Completed: Culture and Cultural DiversityTime continuity and change, People Places and Environments, and Individual Development and Identity.

Met with building principal and counselor about student placement.  Worked on Building map.

Worked on a Jaguar 5 K Map to support this one:

With this one:

Continued working on building map options.

Monday, April 20, 2015

4/20 ERS

Finalized tweaks in my "Being more productive" presentation.

Welcomed kids into school

Attended the Respect and Responsibility team meeting

Attended Jaguar Justice

Attended RTI team meeting

Attended ELA team meeting

Planned and recorded Monday Memo

Reviewed Summer SS led Professional Learning opportunities.

Attended Math team meeting

Attended Technology team meeting

Assisted with dismissal

Headed over to WGHS to swap out laminating.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

4/16 CECH Hudson/Rockhill Local Government Authentic Learning experience.

Arrived at Hudson to make sure everything worked out well.

Facilitated and supported learning experience for students.  Tweets from the event seen here:

Met with teacher observers to go through the hub and support for the learning experiences.

Worked through emails.

4/15 BOT, Principal Meeting, ERS

Started the day at the Webster University Board of trustees meeting.

Afterwords I attended the Elementary Principals meeting.  We discussed:

  • Summer Enrollment
  • Personnel 
  • After School Enrichment
  • PTO Guest SPeakers
  • Elementary report card
  • Coordinator Update - Mentor Program
  • AimsWeb Progress monitoring tool

Afterwords headed over to Edgar Road to:
Helped with dismissal

Monday, April 13, 2015

4/13 ERS, Metro Theatre, Hudson, ERS

Started the day at ERS welcomed some new students and family.

Headed over to Central office to meet with Metro Theater, Fine arts coordinator and Assistant Supt.  Topic was to discuss the replacement for Hana's Suitcase for 5th grade:
Dear Mr. President
Stolen into slavery
Afflicted (Salem Witch trials)
Native American story?

Headed back to Edgar Road to check in...

Then over to Hudson.  I worked with a student on her 20% time project and made some soap!

Discussed residency with a few students and the guidance counselor.

Sent reminder about Friday's Learning experience for 3rd grade social studies

Drafted and recorded the Monday message to families.

Went to recess with 1st grade.

Cleaned up papers on my desk.

Worked on Padlet for 5th grade.

Attended conference call on AFGRE Monsanto's Grant program.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

4/9 ERS, WGHS, Nipher

Started the day at Edgar Road School helping with the pancake breakfast.  It was fun!

Headed over to WGHS to:

  • Clean up google drive
  • Clean up desktop
  • Finalize Summer Work order for Edgar Road
  • Send out reminder emails.
  • Send out SS facilitator summer emails
Headed over to Nipher Middle School to meet with their Assistant principal re: FileMaker.  EPIC WIN.  I learned how to export from AIMSweb and how to match files with data.  I also learned about tabbed data, that's going to be great.

Updated summer work list and spreadsheet for ERS.

Updated science kit schedule to be shared after 4/27 board meeting.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4/8 ERS, Hixson

Started the day at a systems thinking meeting with myself, no one showed up :-(.  I worked on the agenda anyway.

I welcomed teachers and students into school.

I met with building principal and school secretary about summer work.

I sketched a layout to attach to work order for summer work in room 300.

Met with 3rd grade teacher.

Met with instructional coach at North Glendale Elementary.

Worked on student dashboard.  Trying to determine how to import images. (failed miserably)

Pulled some Data for the dashboard from Aimsweb and begin sorting in Excel.

Began updating paint list (submitted to facilities manager), work order and tech list.

Headed over to Hixson to collaborate on a grant.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4/7 Bristol, ERS

Started the day at Bristol.  Tested a student for Gifted acceleration in science.

Walked to me car in a torrential downpour.  Had to go home to change. SOAKED!!!!

Finished Gifted acceleration report.  Shared with gifted coordinator.

Headed over to ERS

Did a lap checking in with students and teachers.

Met with District director of instructional technology.

Met with teacher re: room movements, furniture and work orders.

Responded to a voter commission issue.

Participated in Conversations with Secretary of State Jason Kander

Canceled buses for field trip.

Monday, April 6, 2015

4/6 ERS, Art PD, Bristol, WGHS, iDEA

Started the day at Edgar Road School.  Worked on projector bulb.

Met with District director of instructional technology

Prepped for Aides meeting

Facilitated Aides meeting Agenda here

Met with building principal and reading specialists about data dashboard and the RTI process.

Headed over to WGHS for the Art PD meeting and to share the work going on in Science and Social Studies.  They were not there.  :-(

tinkered with database trying to add student images, failed, reached out to ADE, twitter, and colleague.

Tested student for gifted at Bristol

Headed over to CO for iDEA meeting.

Friday, April 3, 2015

4/3 Coordinator meeting, WGHS

Started the day at a "Sip and Read" with the coordinators.

Here's the premise:
Purpose:  To have focused time to sip your coffee and read, create, and/or imagine related to our profession and/or your job specifically.  We spend most of our working days and hours developing others, facilitating learning or meetings, and responding to the needs of others.  While we strive to be experts in our respective fields, we rarely dedicate time for our own learning, and when we do it often gets pushed to the bottom of our to do list.

What to Bring:  Grab that professional journal, article, or book that you’ve been wanting to read.  Or just a pen and some paper so you can brainstorm or imagine about an idea you’ve had.

Our Time Together:
8:00-8:30         Gather, greet one another, spend some time writing a personal note to celebrate someone in the district (I’ll explain more when we gather and will bring necessary materials.)
8:30-9:30         Find a comfortable space that will allow you to focus only on your work…reading, creating, imagining.
9:30-10:30       Gather again and share with one another what each learned and/or created.

A Challenge:  I challenge you to disconnect as much as possible.  In the Age of Information we are also in the Age of Distraction, we are distracted by email, text messages, phone calls, twitter, blogs, communities, etc. and some would argue that we are even addicted to checking all of these.  I realize you may need your phone in case of an emergency phone call, but try to keep it put away for your 1 hour of focus time.  If you are really up for the challenge leave all devices that may tempt you with distractions in your car (locked of course), at home, or in your office.  If you want to learn more about Focus check out this free ebook.  Of course, you could bring this with you on Friday to read, but I would encourage you to just print a portion of it out (oh I know the horror), so you can remain distraction-free.

Then headed over to WGHS to:

  • worked on Hixson Authors Project
  • Worked on Database/Dashbaord...

  • Met with Building/Ground supervisor

  • Met with SIS specialist
  • continue editing dashboard, it's looking better...

4/2 WGHS, DLT meeting, CECH walkthrough, Science Vertical Team

Started the day working in SIS to gather data for the data dashboard.

Drafted ideas for a teacher's unit of study. (LINK)

Attended the DLT meeting at Central Office.

Had a phone conversation with Colleague regarding and event possibly bringing to Webster Groves.

Met with CECH team to walkthrough Webster Groves City Hall logistics of field trip.

Watched this about Flipboard:
Wondering, Is FlipBoard the new Textbook?

Continued working on Dashboard

Met with Asst. Supt re: curriculum development timeline for Social Studies implementation

Facilitated Science Vertical Team Meeting SLIDES

Also shared:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4/1 ERS, Data Dashboard, SS vertical team

Started the day at Edgar Road School making rounds and

Met with SSD, SIS professional and director of Instructional technology re: data dashboard

Met with EdPlus

Met with building principal

Formatted slides for Social Studies Vertical Team.

Watched this video about the Cross Cutting Concepts:

Formatted slides for Science Vertical Team

Sent pilot eval reminders to teachers

Sent STEAM details to SSLC

Worked on Attendance issues

Drafted email to CECH team

Facilitated Social Studies Vertical Team

3/31 7th Grade Science curriculum department

Facilitated Conversations around 7th grade science using this agenda