Monday, April 13, 2015

4/13 ERS, Metro Theatre, Hudson, ERS

Started the day at ERS welcomed some new students and family.

Headed over to Central office to meet with Metro Theater, Fine arts coordinator and Assistant Supt.  Topic was to discuss the replacement for Hana's Suitcase for 5th grade:
Dear Mr. President
Stolen into slavery
Afflicted (Salem Witch trials)
Native American story?

Headed back to Edgar Road to check in...

Then over to Hudson.  I worked with a student on her 20% time project and made some soap!

Discussed residency with a few students and the guidance counselor.

Sent reminder about Friday's Learning experience for 3rd grade social studies

Drafted and recorded the Monday message to families.

Went to recess with 1st grade.

Cleaned up papers on my desk.

Worked on Padlet for 5th grade.

Attended conference call on AFGRE Monsanto's Grant program.

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