Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/23 Maryville U, Avery, CO, Webster U, CECH

Started the day meeting with Maryville University professor.  We discussed professional learning, innovation, creativity and teacher leadership.

Headed over to Avery to meet with the teacher of gifted programs and classroom teacher about providing support for a student who is receiving gifted support in science.

Headed over to CO to:

  • Plan Social Justice programming for 15
  • Met with Director of Technology and Instructional Technology
  • Worked on Science "Patterns" Curriculum document draft 231
Headed to Lunch with the president of webster university and a student to discuss STEM programming.

Headed over to Avery to facilitate conversation with MySci.

Then to City Hall to set up for Local Government Learning Experience tomorrow.  Also known as the chair and cooler fiasco....

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