Friday, April 3, 2015

4/3 Coordinator meeting, WGHS

Started the day at a "Sip and Read" with the coordinators.

Here's the premise:
Purpose:  To have focused time to sip your coffee and read, create, and/or imagine related to our profession and/or your job specifically.  We spend most of our working days and hours developing others, facilitating learning or meetings, and responding to the needs of others.  While we strive to be experts in our respective fields, we rarely dedicate time for our own learning, and when we do it often gets pushed to the bottom of our to do list.

What to Bring:  Grab that professional journal, article, or book that you’ve been wanting to read.  Or just a pen and some paper so you can brainstorm or imagine about an idea you’ve had.

Our Time Together:
8:00-8:30         Gather, greet one another, spend some time writing a personal note to celebrate someone in the district (I’ll explain more when we gather and will bring necessary materials.)
8:30-9:30         Find a comfortable space that will allow you to focus only on your work…reading, creating, imagining.
9:30-10:30       Gather again and share with one another what each learned and/or created.

A Challenge:  I challenge you to disconnect as much as possible.  In the Age of Information we are also in the Age of Distraction, we are distracted by email, text messages, phone calls, twitter, blogs, communities, etc. and some would argue that we are even addicted to checking all of these.  I realize you may need your phone in case of an emergency phone call, but try to keep it put away for your 1 hour of focus time.  If you are really up for the challenge leave all devices that may tempt you with distractions in your car (locked of course), at home, or in your office.  If you want to learn more about Focus check out this free ebook.  Of course, you could bring this with you on Friday to read, but I would encourage you to just print a portion of it out (oh I know the horror), so you can remain distraction-free.

Then headed over to WGHS to:

  • worked on Hixson Authors Project
  • Worked on Database/Dashbaord...

  • Met with Building/Ground supervisor

  • Met with SIS specialist
  • continue editing dashboard, it's looking better...

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