Thursday, January 31, 2013

1/31 Avery, SS facilitators

Bubble Wrap Appreciation day!

I spent the day at Avery check ing out Science and Social Studies...

I saw a 5th grade lesson on World War 1:

I went to all the 5th grade classrooms to set up the Rotting Log terrarium:

 Saw a 1st grade lesson on Goods and Services:
Saw a reading/social studies lesson on regions:

I then went back to Edgar Road to meet with a social studies facilitator.  We went over Facilitator meeting 3 notes and discussed the Missouri Unit.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1/30 Edgar Road, 6th Grade Science

Emailed parent about missing rocks in a 2nd grade kit.

Emailed Avery Schedule for tomorrow's coordinator day:

Planned 6th grade Science after school meeting, made copies and agenda

Created and submitted POs for Summer Purchases.

Met with district facilities coordinator re: Plans for EdcampSTL

Added resources to my Course on Creating a Project Calendar

Set up meeting with Social Studies Coordinator at Parkway

Called Missouri Botanical Garder to learn more about Foodology.

Finalized EdcampSTL evaluation

Met with Library/Technology Coordinator to learn about how to access the catalog and how to search for materials in the Social studies kits.

Emailed SS facilitators to update them about the SS kits in every library (or missing from a library)

Emailed 5th grade Chemical Interactions team about 1st draft of student packet.

Went over to Steger for a 6th grade Science team meeting:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29 Bristol day! iPad Training.

Spent the day at Bristol Elementary.  I was there to:

  • See science or social studies lessons in action
  • Help when/where you need it (not necessarily Sci/SS)
  • Answer any technology questions you may have/want
  • Help you log on to the NEW Curriculum server
  • Have curriculum conversations about Science or Social Studies
  • Share MAP data
  • Talk about the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Build stronger relationships.
  • Be supportive and collaborative!

See which rooms I stopped in here:

I saw 4th grade working on Circuits:

I then started to update my iPad for our after school session.  After downloading software, I ran into trouble...

I was unable to update due to ports being blocked on the WG network.  I figured this out using apple's support communities:

This made me miss James' Kindergarten class due to having to run to Bread Company to use their Wifi to update and restore software.  I went back there later...

After updating went back to Bristol.

Saw 5th grade REVIEW game:

Helped students in 4th grade hook up circuits.

 Played in Kindergarten to make a secret decoder necklace (Awesome!):

Met with Gifted ed Teacher to discuss Scratch and found some great resources:

I also shared my blog post on how I used scratch and other cool things in my 20% time in my classroom:

I met with a Kindergarten teacher about changing her password on her apple ID.  Used this resource:  Then learned how to change the apple id on the ipad here:

After school facilitated an iPad workshop on iBooks:
  • Demo Book: Life on Earth
  • tour interface
  • browse bookstore
  • search for books
  • find a book
  • highlight
  • text size
  • read to you
  • notes, share
  • Free books app
  • Pictures
After work went home to attend NSTA Web Seminar: Using the NGSS Practices in the Elementary Grades, January 29, 2013
January 29, 2013, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Eastern time

Monday, January 28, 2013

1/28 Steger, Hudson, NGSS, Computer School

Started the day meeting with World studies at Steger.  We discussed the East Asia Unit, learning goals created and what possible lessons we could use to provide students the opportunities to demonstrate understanding of learning goals.

Afterwords I went over to Hudson.  At Hudson I met with Liz and Pat.

Scheduled Bristol day on Tuesday

Sent emails, tons of emails.

Coordinated meeting with facilities supervisor for EdcampSTL.

Began building Chemical interactions packet

Went to meet with Becky Litherland, Science coordinator for Parkway.  We discussed and finalized out evaluation of the NGSS and submitted our evaluation.

I then went back to Steger to meet with 3rd grade science facilitator.  We went over the meeting from last week and assigned tasks to complete before next time we get together.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/25 CO meeting, Edgar Road

Started the day at a coordinator meeting.  We met to discuss events and decisions happening at Central office, budgets and summer work as well as to have a discussion around being patient problem solvers. We watched this video:

Afterwords I stopped by Clark to drop off a kit.  Then to Central office to drop off the projector.

I then went to Edgar Road to work in my office.

  • Cleaned and straightened
  • delivered books to 5th grade
  • answered emails
  • scheduled full day observations at Avery and Bristol
  • discussed with mentor budgets
After school I met with Tim to discuss the upcoming iPad training at Bristol.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23 NGSS, Edgar Road

Read and evaluated Next Generation Science Standards

Collaborated around:

Facilitated K-5 Science facilitators meeting

Met with Liz about DBQ project

Attended Edgar Road Curriculum Night

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22 Next Generation Science standards

Started the day in Kirkwood meeting with the Science coordinator. We discussed:

  • NGSS
  • how to process with teachers
  • how to read
  • We then set up a wiki to record our thinking:

After I decided to take the idea of a wiki and set up a google presentation for our work here in Webster.

I then prepped for tomorrow's collaborative reading
  • I made copies of the pdf survey
  • I separated the copies 
  • I created a handout for the rating system

I then went over to Hixson for the 7th grade Social Studies meeting.  
  • We planned a second curriculum work day
  • We revised an assessment we made and discussed how we could break it up into parts.
I went home after words to:
  •  complete the google doc for the NGSS collaborative reading
  • Plan in detail the science facilitator meeting
  • Plan in detail the social studies facilitator meeting
  • Email about getting into schools
  • Send reminder to social studies facilitators
  • Send email regarding using sound system in the auditorium for edcamp

Friday, January 18, 2013

1/17 8th grade science

Met with 8th grade science:

Our work noted here:

Our Summative we developed:

Discussed summer work:

  • Curating resources
  • Time to clean/organize
  • Pacing guide
  • Activities/lesson
  • Curriculum Map
Discussed upcoming meetings, agenda items, etc.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1/17 WAECC, Hixson

Spent the day with New teacher K-5:

8:00-8:30         Welcome, Community Building, and Announcements
8:30-10:30       View and debrief Videos 1, 2, and 3
10:30-11:15     Math Curriculum & Instruction Professional Development
11:15-12:00     Lunch (provided in honor of your efforts producing and sharing your videos)
12:00-2:00       View and debrief Videos 4, 5, and 6
2:00-2:45         English Language Arts Curriculum & Instruction Professional Development
2:45-3:00         Closing, Announcements, and Evaluations
After school met with Hixson 7th grade to discuss:

  • Purchasing a resource
  • Full day planning 2/28

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/16 Foss, Hixson, Weather, SS Coord, Eta meeting

Started the morning meeting with school specialty/Foss/Delta representative we discussed:

  •  options that are available through Foss and Delta
  • where they might fit in the next-generation science standards
  •  furthermore we then looked at what elementary has and what we might need

Next I arrive at hixson middle school where I sat in on a great science class.  Students were giving energy presentations on the different kinds of energy.  Here are some of the notes students were taking:

After I met with Ms. Right to discuss how to finalize essential learning goals and specific learning goals we finalize a lot of work and develop these essentials for weather and climate.  See our work here:

Had lunch with the social studies Cordinator for Kirkwood where he discussed BYOC as well as the role of the social studies facilitator in social studies curriculum development from kindergarten to 12th grade.  Advertise at EdcampSTL with him.

After lunch headed over to Brentwood where the Educational Technology Association meeting was being held and here are the takeaways from that meeting:

If you are using Discovery Education Streaming we need to let CSD know!
I also learned about:,, and

After that went back to Hixson to meet with two organizers for a Edcamp just to begin planning and placing events around the building.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1/15 Bristol, Edgar Road

Last night I finished and submitted my Apple Distinguished Educator submission, video below:

This morning I started the day at Bristol.  I delivered the "our united states" books.  I also saw the map we installed in Kindergarten classroom.

Here are writing samples from the kindergarten class as they watch the map being installed.

Here are some timeline from 5th grade social studies!

I fixed a smartboard!

Worked on Kit sign ups for next year.  A sample we might use is here:

Organized NGSS collaborative reading days, registration found here:

Met with Betsy to discuss learning goals, how to write them, how to assess them, etc.

Phone conversation with TCI:

  • Teacher's curriculum Institute - Social studies only K-12
  • 1989 started
  • Answers in the back of the chapter are missing
  • preview activity
  • Text features highlight engaging strategies
  • asked for a demo account and will share
Printed and made copies of NGSS for Middle School, matrix for meetings this week.

Coordinated coolers for EdcampSTL

Added Voki sponsorship for EdcampSTL

Finalized learning goals for Latin America 6th grade

Finalized Learning goals East Asia Unit

Helped teachers with her iphone

Filled out tec req for faulty printer

Alumni Board of directors meeting and Webster University

Monday, January 14, 2013

11/14 CPO, Edgar Road

Started the day meeting with CPO to discuss their resources for Middle school science.  Some of the take-aways were:

  • 1 kit of supplies FREE for every 30 books purchased
  • books can be online, paper, or both
  • Teacher CD's will be updated with the new interpretation of the NGSS
  • Entire book is laced with engineering connections
  • Be sure to check out the end of chapter activities

I spent some time with to learn about how to use their service for our Kit system for elementary schools.

Finished and submitted Bio for Cech Board.  

Worked on Edcamp Conference:

Finalized 5th grade Chemical Interactions unit plan document.  Sent it to the team and asked for advice.  Goal is to share at 1/23 science facilitator meeting.

At home tonight:
  • Record ADE audio
  • Facilitate EdcampSTL team meeting

Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11 DBQ project, SSLC

Started the day with the DBQ project meeting at CSD.  Notes form the meeting here:

Beth Montgomery -

Core beliefs:
  1. All students need to learn how to think
  2. learning to think requires practice
  3. clear thinking is hard work
  4. thinking is clarified by writing
  5. thinking is for everyone
What is DBQ:

  • teachers underprepared
  • PD models are lacking
  • teacher need alignment
  • SS teachers fear "owning the writing process" (ELA)
  • Rigor is a dangerous word
Beware of CCSS test prep
  • emphasize deep, inquiry base instruction model that emphasize writing
  • the rest will fall in place

Help district by emphasize
  • Site based coaching
  • vertical dialogue around skills
  • paradigm instructional shifts take time
  • being hopeful

Strategies included:
  • Identify the question
  • Clarify the question
  • Rephrase the question

Put it in the bucket….Analytical category as a container for information

  • Identify structure of argument
  • establish purpose for reading
  • Buckets become body paragraphs
"If it doesn't fit into a bucket, blow it off" - setting a purpose for reading/writing

Buckets and reading for purpose:
  • Close reading of informational text
  • experience with text complexity
Graphic organizer - Chicken foot

This changes to outline and then becomes a guided essay

Afterwords came back to WG to pick up my vehicle to head over the SSLC meeting

I updated the Wiki and attended the session.  The session started with one of the writers of the NGSS giving a presentation:

literacy documents led to framework framer led to standards

Key aspects:
  • shorter but deeper
  • fewer factoids
  • greater integration across grade levels
  • greater integration of all sciences
  • greater integration with engineering and technology
  • Greater integration of and focused on human-related content

Missouri is weak on Earth and SPACE sciences

Conceptual framework:
  • Small set of core ideas
  • key cross cutting elements
  • major scientific and engineering practices
  • articulate how these core ideas, cross-cutting ideas and practice intersect for 4 grade level bands
Who's leading the way? 

Two versions of how you "view" the standards
  • Topical
  • Disciplinary Core Ideas
Students who demonstrate understanding are:
  • Science and engineering practices sub-bullets through science and engineering practices
  • Look for the same standard within the boxes 
  • Clarification
use blue and orange for clarification

Reading scientific literature is different than typical literature

You can do this NGSS with 3 years of high school science

Appendix E and J set forth advice as to when/when things can/should happen Course 1 2 3

Afterwords we broke up into groups and read, deeply, the standards and discussed their interpretations in an hour we only got through K-1.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/10 Steger, Edgar Road, CO

Started the morning teaching Google searching strategies for 6th grade world studies students at Steger.

Here is the presentation I used to highlight some of the key searching features.

Afterwords I went back to Edgar road.  I had tons of boxes and mail to go through.

I called a Tim to move over boxes from Edgar Road to Hixson for the Resource Selection Process.

I spoke with Dennis about Installing a Map rail at Bristol and met with him to get the map rail

I answers emails and went through my mailbox stack.

Science Fair page as disappeared and called Pat to find a solution to putting it back.

At 12:30 I met with CPO science rep Jessica Herman.  We discussed CPO science philosophy and where we are in our process here in Webster.

At 2pm I met with the health curriculum coordinator and Asst Supt. of CnI to discuss the Health curriculum and it's role in the Science classroom. Discussed:

  • WG health curriculum: 
  • Mo state Health GLEs: 
  • Discussed meeting to determine what is already taught where in grades 6-8
  • Discussed who needed to be in the room to discuss this
  • Plan future meetings with Health curriculum coordinator, science coordinator, and other leaders.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/9 Central Office

Spent the day at CO on the part of PDC...

Notes from the day: 

Working on Long term plan:

What tools we use now: 

Went home afterwords to:
  • Finish bio for Cech
  • Finish paper app for ADE
  • Start video for ADE
  • Write reflection on day of WS and Science
  • Attend a NSTA webinar

1/8 Steger

Spent the day at Steger!

Full day world studies meeting:
After school met with Science to determine earth process assessment.

Monday, January 7, 2013

1/6 Coordinator, Edgar, Hixson, CO

Started the day with a coordinator meeting planning the New teacher training session
As a result I sent out an agenda and began taking order for lunch.

I checked in on a first year teacher to see if she needed help video taping herself for the lesson.

Planned the 1/18 session for science.
Sent out EdcampSTL district email

Sent out EdcampSTL email to Bill G

Emailed sandy D about Cech

I prepped and made copies for world studies meeting for tomorrow

I submitted a maintenance order for Bristol for a map and map rail.

Then I went over to Hixson to meet with "the Jasons."  We discussed the checklist for EdcampSTL.

I stopped by the HS to say Happy new year to TLC

I then attended a webinar at Central Office for BYOC.

Afterwords I met with Adrienne collins in regards to finalizing items for edcampSTL

Friday, January 4, 2013

1/4 WGHS, Bread Co, Hixson, Edgar Road

Started the day at WGHS.

Assisted Dr. Simpson on the presentation for the information of the CCSS.

Backchannel conversation recorded here:

Facilitated the sorting activity with 6th grade and encore teachers to gain further clarification on the details included on the CCSS.

Afterwords I led an unpacking activity with the 6th grade World studies and Science teachers.
Presentation found here:

I had lunch at Bread Co and met with 7th grade social studies teachers.  We discussed assessment creation, revision, and grading.

I then went over to Hixson.

I met with teachers of 8th and 7th grade science and social studies to check in.

I met with 8th grade science department chair to plan the 18th full-day curriculum workshop.

I then went over to Edgar road to clean up and unpack items taken home for the holidays.  The network was inconsistent so I went home to answer emails.

From  home I added items to to weekend and Monday to do lists:


  • Read:
  • Read:
  • Plan Google Research Skills
  • Continue working on ADE
  • Finish Google Apps


  • Work on Edcamp
  • Meet with Susan and Liz re new teacher training
  • email Amanda
  • Prep for WS meeting
  • Prep for Searching skills class