Thursday, January 10, 2013

1/10 Steger, Edgar Road, CO

Started the morning teaching Google searching strategies for 6th grade world studies students at Steger.

Here is the presentation I used to highlight some of the key searching features.

Afterwords I went back to Edgar road.  I had tons of boxes and mail to go through.

I called a Tim to move over boxes from Edgar Road to Hixson for the Resource Selection Process.

I spoke with Dennis about Installing a Map rail at Bristol and met with him to get the map rail

I answers emails and went through my mailbox stack.

Science Fair page as disappeared and called Pat to find a solution to putting it back.

At 12:30 I met with CPO science rep Jessica Herman.  We discussed CPO science philosophy and where we are in our process here in Webster.

At 2pm I met with the health curriculum coordinator and Asst Supt. of CnI to discuss the Health curriculum and it's role in the Science classroom. Discussed:

  • WG health curriculum: 
  • Mo state Health GLEs: 
  • Discussed meeting to determine what is already taught where in grades 6-8
  • Discussed who needed to be in the room to discuss this
  • Plan future meetings with Health curriculum coordinator, science coordinator, and other leaders.

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