Monday, January 28, 2013

1/28 Steger, Hudson, NGSS, Computer School

Started the day meeting with World studies at Steger.  We discussed the East Asia Unit, learning goals created and what possible lessons we could use to provide students the opportunities to demonstrate understanding of learning goals.

Afterwords I went over to Hudson.  At Hudson I met with Liz and Pat.

Scheduled Bristol day on Tuesday

Sent emails, tons of emails.

Coordinated meeting with facilities supervisor for EdcampSTL.

Began building Chemical interactions packet

Went to meet with Becky Litherland, Science coordinator for Parkway.  We discussed and finalized out evaluation of the NGSS and submitted our evaluation.

I then went back to Steger to meet with 3rd grade science facilitator.  We went over the meeting from last week and assigned tasks to complete before next time we get together.

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