Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1/22 Next Generation Science standards

Started the day in Kirkwood meeting with the Science coordinator. We discussed:

  • NGSS
  • how to process with teachers
  • how to read
  • We then set up a wiki to record our thinking: http://ngssreview.wikispaces.com/

After I decided to take the idea of a wiki and set up a google presentation for our work here in Webster.


I then prepped for tomorrow's collaborative reading
  • I made copies of the pdf survey
  • I separated the copies 
  • I created a handout for the rating system

I then went over to Hixson for the 7th grade Social Studies meeting.  
  • We planned a second curriculum work day
  • We revised an assessment we made and discussed how we could break it up into parts.
I went home after words to:
  •  complete the google doc for the NGSS collaborative reading
  • Plan in detail the science facilitator meeting
  • Plan in detail the social studies facilitator meeting
  • Email about getting into schools
  • Send reminder to social studies facilitators
  • Send email regarding using sound system in the auditorium for edcamp

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