Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/16 Foss, Hixson, Weather, SS Coord, Eta meeting

Started the morning meeting with school specialty/Foss/Delta representative we discussed:

  •  options that are available through Foss and Delta
  • where they might fit in the next-generation science standards
  •  furthermore we then looked at what elementary has and what we might need

Next I arrive at hixson middle school where I sat in on a great science class.  Students were giving energy presentations on the different kinds of energy.  Here are some of the notes students were taking:

After I met with Ms. Right to discuss how to finalize essential learning goals and specific learning goals we finalize a lot of work and develop these essentials for weather and climate.  See our work here:

Had lunch with the social studies Cordinator for Kirkwood where he discussed BYOC as well as the role of the social studies facilitator in social studies curriculum development from kindergarten to 12th grade.  Advertise at EdcampSTL with him.

After lunch headed over to Brentwood where the Educational Technology Association meeting was being held and here are the takeaways from that meeting:

If you are using Discovery Education Streaming we need to let CSD know!
I also learned about:,, and

After that went back to Hixson to meet with two organizers for a Edcamp just to begin planning and placing events around the building.

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