Monday, February 2, 2015

2/2 ERS, iDEA, Strategic Planning

Started the day welcoming teachers into the building.

Met with a 5th grade teacher about eDirect process

Met with 5th grade teacher about iObservation.

Met with 2 students about usage of inappropriate language.

Met with SSD teacher regarding student behavior.

Attended 5th grade recess

Ate lunch with 5th graders.

Met with school nurse re: evaluation

Finalized custodian evaluation (feels like I've done this 15 times).

Sent out email to Teacher's Aids re: sign up/conference schedule.

Met with 3rd grade teachers re: 2/13 staff development

Sent out message to Hudson staff about meeting on 2/4

Met with teacher about iPad training for teachers.

Assisted with dismissal.

After school headed to iDEA then to Strategic Planning.

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