Thursday, February 4, 2016

2/4 Tech CSIP, Steger, WGHS

Started the day working with the Tech CSIP team at Edgar Road

Met with Building Principal at Steger about 6th Grade Social Studies Resources.

Walked around Steger/Computer School to check in with facilitators and department teams.

Authored SS collaboration meeting agenda for review

Finalized the next Grading for Learning session

Emailed participants for the Grading for Learning Panel

Sorted through studies weekly for 5th grade, sent copies to Avery.

Picked up posters at the Copy Center at WGHS

Renewed membership to NSTA

Emailed contacts at SSHRC for help with 8th grade Social Studies.

Prepped for Monday's Leaderhip Academy

Entered Session information for Tuesday's METC.

Prepped for GarageBand PD.

Met with AP of WGHS

Met with Director of Instructional Technology

Put together resources for 6th grade SS and 7th Grade Science assessment for gifted testing

Researched Virtual Reality Apps for possible grant application

Cleaned up email

Headed over to Edgar Road for the Google Classroom Session.

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