Friday, November 2, 2012

11/2 coordinator meeting, Clark, 8th grade ss

Started the day with the coordinator meeting at central office

  • Started talking about the nov 6th pd day
  • Discussed past and future events
Worked in the board room on a few items:
  • Crafted Laboriously the Vertical team e-mail
  • Created RSVP site

Went over to Clark for their Immigration Simulation, Photos below:

Awesome Fun Learning experience!

Wrapped up the day at Hixson for 8th grade social studies meeting.
  • Shared server
  • Shared essential goals
  • Outlined Agenda items for Nov 16th
    • Server
    • Outline units
    • GLE
    • Need to know nice to know
    • curriculum map
    • Colonialism
    • Constitution
  • Discussed May Field trips and fundraising

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