Thursday, November 8, 2012

11/7 Office, Collaboration, Hixson

Started the day working on my Project Based Learning Certification:

  • Watched the Webinar
  • Took some notes:
    • Be intentional with who is in your groups
    • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of students
    • groups can range in size to the amount of work you have to complete.  Groups can be from sizes of 2 all the way up and over 10
    • Small groups can transition to large group or whole class projects
    • Voice and Choice are crucial - but also rely on the maturity and responsibility of students
    • Starting students with the roles they want to take will allow the groups to form
  • Chose the Project I will be modeling and sharing called "Choose your own adventure"
  • Completed Yourteams assignment
  • Contacted WGHS SS re veterens day activities
  • Worked on St. Louis Science Leadership Consortium website
At 1pm went over to Computer School to chat with Math Coordinator re: 2nd grade Unit or lesson plan.
  • We connected the CCSS standards to the Sound Unit
  • Also discussed the 4th grade Missouri and 3rd grade St. Louis Unit looking for Math connections
At 3:00 went over to Hixson to meet with 8th grade Social Studies and plan the 16th:
Our Agenda:

Check in misc stuff - .5
Year long unit plan - 1.5
Standards review - .5
Colonialism - GLE, Assessment, Essential, Objectives, Pacing unit (Back to big) - 3
Constitution unit - .5 - assessment
wrap up - .5

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