Monday, November 12, 2012

11/12 Office Hours

Started the morning working with the Art teacher discussing essential learning goals and objectives.  We discussed where we were in the journey, how we can move forward and what the logical next steps would be.  We even looked at science and social studies and how they apply to art and overlap.


Went through Cindy's folders on "performance events" learned the following:
    • Performance assessments are designed to judge student abilities to USE specific knowledge and research skills
    • Most performance assessments require the student to manipulate equipment to solve a problem or make an analysis. 
    • Rich performance assessments reveal a variety of problem- solving approaches, thus providing insight into a student's level of conceptual and procedural knowledge
    • Performance assessment shhhtrategies are composed of three distinct parts: a performance task; a format in which the student responds; and a predetermined scoring system
    • Performance assessments are typically inappropriate for measuring student knowledge of facts
    • Performance assessments use grading strategies that are commonly used in the performing arts, fine arts, and Olympic competitions
  • Definition—students demonstrate their knowledge and skills by engaging in a process or constructing a product.
    1.    Purpose for the assessment
    2.    Tasks or prompts that elicit the expected performance
    3.    A response demand that focuses the student’s performance (must be authentic)
    4.    A systematic method for rating the performances (scoring guide)
  • Assessing Performance Assessment
Began working on Facilitator Workshop for End of Nov meeting date.

Recorded directions on how to access the CNI Server.

Went home to complete:

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