Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/6 Office Hours, LMT

Started the morning going through e-mails and responding to emails and youtube questions.

  • I made contact with our Nystrom REP about replacing Maps and globes.  Hard to purchase from them when you can find better stuff on Amazon.
  • Downloaded and checked out STRATALOGICA - Seems cool, but not enough better than google earth/maps.  A lot better than apple maps (hehe)
  • Researched Globes for Kindergarten
  • Began Managing the Wiki for the Saint Louis Science Leadership Consortium
  • Prepped for Edgar Road MAP meeting tomorrow
  • Sent out a test for people that are having access to the server issues.... apparently there are problems...
  • Sent e-mail to Hudson / Bristol for full day availability
  • Downloaded and installed update to new SMART notebook software for Macs
  • Finished Blog post on Finding Reading Levels
  • Shared with Hixson and Steger the classroom observation application
Wrapped up the day at the LMT meeting at Central Office, agenda included:
  • Follet site
  • News:  WGSD Library updates - eBooks, personal accounts, previews, OneSearch
  • Timeline Review for completing the 2013 Technology plan
    • September:  Commendations
    • November: Recommendations
    • January:  Final draft approval
    • March:  Plan submitted to School board and DESE for approval
    • April: Focus groups form to work on Goals

  • The Goal:  to review current plan and needs assessments and draft recommendations for   the new plan
            The Role of Leaders :  Setting the stage
            I.  Review requirements of the plan:  The Focus Area Goals
            II.  Review last years summary report
            III.  Review of dream activities from focus groups and staff survey (needs assessment)
            IV.  Form Recommendations for the plan:  EITHER
                   A.  discard the Objective as complete or out-dated    
                   B.  revise the current objective and update strategies
                   C.  draft a new objective statement and suggest strategies    
  • Reports/Comments from the Building LMT committees

  • Reporting back to the building LMT committees
    • Library Updates
    • Progress of plan revision - opportunity to offer input from the staff
    • Any comments / answers to questions posed by the group

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