Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/26 Edgar Road, CO, Hixson

Read articles:

Answered emails highlighted by:

  • Connected with Gateway Greening refgaridng collaborating with 3rd grade class
  • Connected 3rd grade class with Preservation research corp
  • Set up Day at Hudson on 3/6
  • Proposed day at Clark on 3/4

Prepped for 7th grade Science Meeting

  • Copied WC Map
  • Copied WC assessment
  • Copied Next Gen
  • Copied How to read
  • Copied and Made Sorting activity
  • Copied DOK
  • Organized in folders
  • Copied 7th Goals
  • Copied MS GLEs
Finalize Science Probes, Post to server, made handout for email

Met with Simpson at 1

Met with 8th grade science re: Challenge based learning
  • Discussed iLearn2gether
  • Watched video:

Met with Pearson Rep for science resource selection

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