Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2/4 Steger, ER, PDC

Spent the morning at Steger working with 6th grade world studies.

I helped students with the East Asia project and worked with the teacher on how to revise/improve the project.  Here's the scoring guide as it sits now:

We discussed:

  • Letter to parents - too many words, scoring guide on the back, let that speak.
  • Guidelines
  • One thing as the checklist, calendar for you displayed in the room.  Cross off with them
  • Scoring guide focused on the product and not the learning.
  • Where’s the reflection?  Where’s the uncovered learning/thinking?
  • Video of example of expectation and exemplar, let them score it.
  • You make one.
  • Phases – Earn cards to move form phase to phase
  • IDEA:  Scoring guide paper with blank sections, earn the next phase scoring guide after first phase is done.
  • Students read and submit journal entry on what they notice, see and questions they have.
  • Checklist is AWESOME!
  • Everything including research/journals spaces.
  • Why not Wikipedia?  Use it to start, cross reference with others…
  • While researching have word or docs open to copy/paste websites and book titles for use with bibme.org later.
Copied for 6th grade Science meeting:
  • MS GLEs
  • NGSS for Ecology
  • Ecology GLEs
  • Earth's Process Assessment
  • Earth's Process goals
Handled a Edcamp Miscue

Worked on 1st quarter sign ups: http://wgsdq1.signupsheet.com/
- Made accounts for 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter.

Went over to CO for PDC meeting.

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