Friday, November 1, 2013

11/1 WGHS, Hudson, WGHS

Started the day by working through emails

Set up 3rd grade facilitator day

Started the day by working on 7th grade social studies learning goals and proficiency scales

At lunch we met as coordinators at Hudson to plan Hudson Vertical day.

Plan is to focus on vocabulary.

Teachers will be able to:

  • Identify discipline specific vocabulary.
  • Create vocabulary games/activities as formative assessment.
  • Design structures to make data-based decisions around vocabulary.

180 minutes

60 Minutes each section

Set up google doc by discipline, have "building vocabulary" from Hudson, and Building Academy vocabulary by Pickering/Marzano

60 Minutes

Share: Chris makes Taboo, Susan brings math pictionary, Julie brings find someone who.

Using games as formative assessments: 
How would you use this game/activity to inform practice or instruction?

60 Minutes

Create vocabulary-based activities/games

Headed back over to WGHS to start work on 8th grade Social studies Curriculum writing.  I didn't finish but made a good start.

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